GearX Bangladesh is Going To Launch Automatic Chain Oiler in Bangladesh

GearX Bangladesh for the first time in Bangladesh will launch Automatic Chain Oiler in Bangladesh. They will be introducing Cobrra Nemo 2, which is one of the highest-selling chain oiler brands in the world which is currently available in over 40+ countries.

automatic chain oiler

Some of the features of this new Cobrra Nemo 2 :

  • Chain Life is maximized by almost 2 times
  • Superior Cost Saving
  • No need to buy expensive chain lubes
  • Rim remains clean
  • Performance of motorcycle increases due to smoother functioning of the chain
  • Hassle free chain lubing
  • Fantastic touring experience as the chain will always be lubed
  • 1 Refill goes upto 1500 kms

Functions Cobrra Nemo 2 Chain Olier:

  • negligible operating cost of gear oil, approximate 300 BDT per Year
  • fast return on investment for NEMO 2 at approx 16,000 km only compared to the investment for regular manual chain cleaning and lubrication
  • extraordinary time saving with regard to cleaning and lubrication compared to the manual art of chain maintenance
    chain oiler cobrra nemo 2
  • simple and fast installation without intervention into electronics and motorbike construction and related considerable cost saving for device installation to the motorbike
  • tuning design and quality execution made of light aluminum alloys
  • simple, fast, and easy operation during driving, turn NEMO 2 in arrow direction by 90° and after app. 3 minutes the chain is lubricated for up to 350 km
  • function of lubrication interruption in case of incidental stop during lubrication
  • function of impurities wash out from the chain
  • suitable especially when riding outside roads
  • outstanding prolongation of the lifetime of the chain and of the chain wheels resulting from the following:
    • immediate lubrication – only in this way the chain does not remain without lubrication for a longer period of time after rain
    • uniform lubrication of the entire chain – the oil is continuously displaced under pressure
    • oil – the oil gets reliably to the intended location and to the chain seals
  • lubrication with ordinary 80W-90 transmission oil, adhesive oil for riding at high speed
  • single NEMO 2 filling provides chain lubrication for up to app. 5 000 km
  • visual check of NEMO 2 filling level directly on the motorbike handlebars
  • simple and easily accessible oil filling directly from a large bottle
  • reduction of chain power loss due to easy chain operation without stuttering
  • low oil consumption – if the running motorbike is standing, the chain is not lubricated
  • chain lubrication does not cause motorbike contamination by oil
  • the hose is steadily directed towards the chain by means of hose rectifier made of light aluminum alloy
  • oil distribution through inconspicuous thin black pressure hose

cobrra nemo 2 automartic chain olier

Automatic Chain Oiler Cobrra Nemo 2 will be avilable across all GearX Bangladesh dealer point with a price tag of 8500 BDT.

Dealer Networks of GearX Bangladesh:

Mirpur 60 feet:

GearX Bangladesh Flagship Outlet:


Premium Dealer: Ignite Bangladesh

Mirpur 10:

Fair Auto:


Bike Fair:

Ignite Bangladesh:

Jatrabari & Dohar

Gear Point


Annie Auto:



Khan Motors:


Mad Biker


Biker Bhai:


Moto Axxis:


MS Tyre House:

Sylhet: Golden Motors:


M Khan Auto:


Ratan Auto:


Bike Defence:

For more details about GearX Bangladesh products please contact: 01716100094

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