Freedom Royal Plus Ownership Review By Hridoy

Hello everyone, my name is Hridoy. I live in Tejkunipara, Farmgate, Dhaka. I’m 24 years old & very fond of biking. My first bike was Yamaha RX-115 (Japan). I like to travel freely & with my own Freedom Royal Plus. Bike helps a person to save time, cost & most of all to hassle free transportation. I love biking because,

  1. Saves time
  2. No worry for public transport
  3. No need to bear the hassle
  4. Saves cost of transportation
  5. Finally, it gives you freedom.

freedom royale plus ownership review

Usually I choose my bike by some cross checking’s of my own need, desire & ability. While choosing a bike I follow these simple steps; Need, Purpose, Specification & Budget.

Today I’m going to give you a review about my Bike which I’m using right now. It’s “Freedom Royal Plus” by Runner Motorcycles. I chose this bike by following the steps I mentioned. When I bought this bike, I was in shortage of budget because I bought it with my own savings. I chose this bike because it’s look make me attracted towards it. Also, fuel efficiency was a advantage because I have to run almost 40km everyday for my office & it is a 110cc bike.

This bike cost me 1,02,000 BDT. I bought this bike on installment by putting a down payment of 51,000 BDT with installments of 12 months with interest of 12%. They also offer without interest payment if you pay them within 3 months. I bought this bike from their showroom of Tejgaon.

When I was going to buy the bike, naturally I was excited not only for buying but also for buying it with my own money. I was so much happy. When the bike was being prepared for me I was there & looking what were they doing. Finally after the bike was ready I was very excited for my first ride. They start the engine & the sound was really amazing. I sat on the bike & what I felt during that time can only be understand by those who purchase bike all by himself. The first ride was a little bit uncomfortable for me as I was used to ride 150cc bikes usually. But after sometime I was very comfortable with my bike & was enjoying very much.

freedom royale plus price in bangladesh

The purpose of buying this bike was my regular use as I have mentioned it earlier. Because nowadays in Dhaka there are severe traffic jam & bike is the only way to avoid this by a rich means. I am now putting a list of my bike’s features.

freedom royale plus engine


Bike Name :                                      Runner Freedom Royal+ 110

Price :                                                 102000.00 .BDT (Updated on 24 November 2012 )

Bike Maufacture :                            Runner

Bike Category :                                Standard

Engine :                                              Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, Air Cooled, Petrol Engine

Dimension (LxWxH) :                      2025 X 785 X 1235

Fuel Consumption (KM/L) :            50

Gears :                                               4

Wheel Base (mm) :                          1290MM

Wheel (Front/Rear) :                       FORNT : 2.75-18, REAR: 3.00 – 18

Starting Method :                            Electric & Kick

Cylinder Working Capacity :          109cc

Ignition Type :                                   CDI

Max Power :                                     6 KW /7500 RPM

Ground Clearance :                         168MM

Battery :                                            12V

Break Type (F/R) :                            Disc & Drum

Extra Features :                 DIGITAL METER

Made in :                                          Bangladesh

Bike Manufacture :                        RUNNER AUTOMOBILES LTD

freedom royale plus speedometer

Many people says that, buying Bangladeshi bikes are like putting your money on water. I would deny that. Because when I ride my bike, I feel that I’m riding a very smooth & well engineered bike. I have serviced my bike three times till now. They offer free service as many times as you need till 10,000km(kilometer) or 1 year of purchasing (which comes first).

They also offer Engine warranty of 30,000km or 3 years as on same condition. After buying, I got mileage of 35-40 kmpl(kilometer per liter) before 2500km ride of my bike. But after 2500 km ride of my bike, now I’m getting 50-55 kmpl. It’s really needed for present situation of fuel price. I’m totally satisfied with it.

freedom motorcycle price in bangladesh

I always take good care of my bike. I wash it regularly if I’m not too much busy with my work. I Service it on due time & follow instructions that is told to be followed by the bike company. I change my bikes engine oil on every 1000-1200 km. For engine oil I use TOTAL-20W50 which is recommended by the company. It costs 440BDT & it’s non synthetic.

I have not changed a single part of my bike till now. Just when I took for servicing they found that there was a manufacturing defect on my bike’s fuel tank. So, they replaced the fuel tank & also replaced the battery because it was not giving proper backup for self start.

freedom royale plus

I did not modify any part of my bike. Just covered some parts like fuel tank, front mudguard & side with water color tape, also put rim stickers on both rims of wheel. I got top speed of 97 km per hour on Airport road till now. I could make it much but there was not enough scope on the road, but I’m sure this bike gives top speed more than 97 km per hour.

Three positive sides :

  1. Parallel engine gives a smooth acceleration
  2. Braking is good
  3. Stylish enough like 150cc bike

freedom royale plus rear

Three negative sides :

  1. Grip of front tire is bad, rear tire is not wide
  2. Parts of the bike are not very strong
  3. Ready pickup is bad, the engine gathers too much heat

I did not gave along tour yet because I could not manage a proper timing for that, but I have a wish to do a long tour with this bike. Hopefully it would give me a new experience on my biking career.

freedom royale plus review

I’m very much satisfied with my bike. This bike is giving me proper support from the beginning. I want to tell everyone that, do not underestimate Bangladeshi bikes or the bikers who use it. We just have to gather faith that I’m a good biker & I can maintain my bike properly. If we can not promote products of our country then we will not be able to develop our nation.

Thank You for reading this Freedom Royal Plus Ownership review.


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