Top Five Cruiser Motorcycle In Bangladesh

Saleh Md. HassanNovember 22, 2016

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Touring and cruising by motorcycle is a popular activity worldwide. Its literary the sign of freedom and somewhat the better way of enjoying freedom. Therefore the culture of touring and hiking with motorcycle is increasing these days in Bangladesh. Simultaneously our riders are feeling the necessity of cruiser motorcycles for their hiking. Hence today we are herewith a brief of Five Cruiser Motorcycle in Bangladesh.

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Cruiser Motorcycle in Bangladesh – The Commando

Here is the commando of cruising now in Bangladesh that is UM Renegade Commando. This is the fat most cruiser from UM currently in our market. It is literary looks like a bulky commando with its camouflaged army green skin tone and muscled design.

It’s a matt coated large size motorcycle. You will not find any chrome or nickel work even on exhaust pipe. The bike is designed with the theme of Second World War with implementing conventional cruiser design all overt its parts. The body panel including big fuel tank is bloated and muscled with rounded head lamp and ODO pit.


Other than the panels the wheel, rim and suspension system are also designed with usual chopper like design. The wheels are with steel rim with spokes. The tires are attractively fat with conventional tube.

The front suspensions are telescopic and the rears are spring loaded double. The front brake is disk fitted hydraulic and rear one is drum type. For more details you can hit bellow links.

UM Renegade Commando Specification

UM Renegade Commando Latest Price


Cruiser Motorcycle in Bangladesh – The Superlight 150

Keeway Superlight 150 is another fat body cruiser from Keeway Motor. Keeway Sperlight 150 marketed by Speedoz Limited who are the distributor of Keeway motorcycles in Bangladesh.

At the first glance it seems the body design and look of Superlight 150 is quite a bit similar to UM Renegade Commando. But in real there are huge differences between both bikes. It designed in impression of 80’s rock stars and it more rounded in appearance.

Keeway Superlight 150 is lighter in design. Here the seat is not split but straight and solid. Rimes are not spooked but made of metal and tires are fatter in size. This is a tube tire chopper. Here the odo panel is also looks different with double pit assembly. Moreover it has few chrome work on body panel.

Keeway Superlight 150 Specification

Keeway Superlight 150 Latest Price


Cruiser Motorcycle in Bangladesh – The Regal Raptor 125

Reagal Raptor 125 is the deliberately designed stylish chopper in our market. It comes with wider wheelbase and large handlebar. Its chrome coated double exhaust pipe gave it magnetic appeal in the youngsters who loves the chopper style motorcycles.

Reagal Raptor 125 is available in our market from few years but still it has no identical distributor or authorized dealer in our market. The product sourced by an individual importer located at Dhaka city who is unofficially in distribution of the motorcycle.

Whatsoever the distributor is selling the Regal choppers in our market from few years including after sales support. This is the cruiser especially for those who certainly want something different to stand in the crowd and like to feel special. Other than the design and style the bikes after sales support is very limited and only in Dhaka city.

Regal Raptor 125 Specification

Regal Raptor 125 Latest Price


Cruiser Motorcycle in Bangladesh – The Pegasus

The Pegasus is from Jamuna Electronics & Automobiles Limited. They have marketed the Pegasus Fabio 125 cruiser style motorcycle in Bangladesh. The brand Pegasus is their own brand where the motorcycle is designed and manufactured from China.

The Pegasus Fabio 125 is the light weight 125cc capacity commuter motorcycle in real. This small capacity commuter is designed quite with cruiser like look and style. You can’t put it in chopper segment but it can be use for weekend cruising as the bike featured quite like a cruiser.

So if anyone who is a commuter user but love choppers can try this bike. This can be nice for regular city use and short distance roam with style and comfort.

Pegasus Fabio 125 Specification

Pegasus Fabio 125 Latest Price


Cruiser Motorcycle in Bangladesh – The Haojue Hero

At the last now here I am talking about the upcoming hero from Haojue. Haojue TR150 is the upcoming cruiser of Haojue in our market. The product is going to be marketed by Karnaphuli soon.

As you are known Karnaphuli in not in distribution of Yamaha motorcycles now. Currently they are distributing Haojue Motorcycles in Bangladesh. They already have been selling other Haojue products from their sales points.The Houjue TR150 is going to be the smart addition in Kanrnaphuli stable from Haojue. It’s a gorgeous designed 150cc decent cruiser. It designed very exclusively in concentration of comfort and control while cruising for long.

More over the bike seems featured with latest features to grab attention of young aged cruiser lovers. Though we are still not officially confirmed of the launching date of the bike but we expect it will be another heart throbbing motorcycle for the travel lovers.

Haojue TR150 Specification

Haojue TR150 Latest Price


So guys those were all about our Cruiser Motorcycle in Bangladesh. As you know these days motorcycling and touring getting too much trendy in our biking culture so some of you may have felt the need of cruisers. But in real we have few cruiser type of bikes in our market.

So here we tried to give you a simple brief of those bikes so that you can get an overall idea about the available products in our market. If you need more detail then search in our archive or directly ask at our site, Facebook page or group. We are ready to attend your queries. Therefore thank you all for attending our Five Cruiser Motorcycle in Bangladesh.

Not a road maniac rather than a simple bike enthusiast & absolutely a home bound soul… who sometime unleashes the inner ascetic to sit on the saddle and strike hard the stallion toward the wide and unseen trail like an outlaw…\\m//

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