Faseed Helmet Price In BD

FASEED is a motorcycle helmet brand owned by the company Faseed Group Co. Limited, China. It’s a Chinese motorcycle helmet brand that produces different categories and features of motorcycle helmets and distributes the same in the global motorcycle accessories markets as well as in the domestic market of China.

Faseed Helmets In Bangladesh

Faseed FS 825


NameFaseed FS 825
Price5,000 BDT

Faseed FS 908


NameFaseed FS 908
Price6,000 BDT

Faseed Helmet Bangladesh

The manufacturing company Faseed Group Co. Limited founded in 2009 in China associating manufacturing passion with advanced technologies. Thus the company is dedicated to producing featured motorcycle helmets under its own badge and for the other corporate clients. Currently, Faseed owns 60 helmet models in their own product line.


Since the beginning, FASEED Helmets is working constantly to improve manufacturing quality and product features through continuous research & development guiding with advanced technology and technical innovations. Thus every single element of the helmet is studied until getting precision and expert’s satisfaction.


 Accordingly, FASEED helmets ensure a high level of safety, advanced ventilation, aerodynamic design, superior comfort, and eye-catchy graphics. Hence Faseed helmets meet the global safety standards of US DOT, European ECE 22.05, and South American NBR on their manufactured helmets.


In the manufacturing and production of the helmets, FASEED has the integrated facility of plastic injection, cutting and sewing, painting, watermarking, and assembling of their products. Thus Faseed currently achieved the capacity of producing over 1.2 million helmets per year including OEM and ODM packages for other brands.


In marketing and distribution, Faseed helmets have wider coverage in Asia as well as in their domestic market. Further, Faseed helmets are also marketed in other global markets under their own badge and rebadging by other local & global companies. Therefore Faseed helmets also have a presence in Bangladesh.

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

FASEED is a Chinese manufactured safety helmet brand that produces various types of motorcycle helmets and OEM ODM products.

FASEED helmets are manufactured by Faseed Group Co. Limited, China. 

FASEED helmets are made in China in the own manufacturing facility of Faseed Group Co. Limited.

FASEED helmets are imported and distributed through individual helmet importer and distributors in Bangladesh.

FASEED helmets are manufactured and certified with DOT, ECE 22.05, and NBR safety certifications.

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