EID Discount Offer By Zongshen And Hundai Motorcycles

Rupsha Trading Corporation, the sole distributor of Zongshen and Hundai Motorcycles in Bangladesh are giving away Eid Discount Offer on Zongshen and Hundai Brand Motorcycles. RTC is providing instant cash discount of up to 20,000 TK along with free registration offer on various models. This Surprise Eid  Discount Offer will continue till the stock is available.
eid discount
RTC was founded back in 1990. Their distributed brands are Hundai and Zongshen which are  popular motorcycle producers in China. Zongshen is internationally one of the largest motorcycle producer brand which is currently working with brands like Harley Davidson and Piaggio(Source).

Here is a chart of their current models and Eid Discount Offer

Original Price Registration /
Instant Cash-Discount
Discounted  Price
Hundai GL-150 Premio 1,40,000 Free Registration + Tk. 20,000/-


Zongshen CG125-4

1,10,000 Free Registration + Tk. 20,000/- 90,000/-
Zongshen ZS 100-4 A (Hydraulic) 96,000 Cash-Discount Tk. 10,000/-


Zongshen ZS 100-4 A (Non-Hydraulic)

93,000 Cash-Discount Tk. 10,000/-


Hundai GL-100 (H)


96,000 Cash-Discount Tk. 12,000/-


Zongshen ZS 125-70

1,25,000 Cash-Discount Tk. 7,500/-


HUNDAI GL-150 Premio

Currently, their product line-up has Hundai GL150 Premio (150cc) which is equipped with front hydroulic braking system , digital speedometer, and has a top speed of 110km/h (company claim) and yet the bike returns a mileage of 45 kmpl (company claim).
The bike chunk out 14 bhp from it’s 4-stroke air cooled engine. Currently the selling price of Hundai GL-150 Premio is 1,20,000 BDT including instant cash discount offer. also, the buyer will get a free registration offer on the bike which is great!

Zongshen CG125-4

Another bike they are giving away free registration with instant cash discount offer is Zongshen CG125-4. Currently the selling price of the bike including cash discount and free registration offer is 90,000 BDT. Zongshen CG125-4 has japanese carburetor from Keihin Deki to increase fuel efficiency from it’s 12bhp 125cc engine.

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The engine configuration os same as Honda Knight Hawk configuration system. The company claim that CG125-4 will return 45kmpl of mileage and 120kmph of top speed. the reason behind their performance figure is that the bike has a two cylinder engine through which the power delivery is sublime . it helps to have better fuel efficiency along with good top speed.

Hundai GL-100 Unique RTC also offering up to 12,000 TK instant cash discount 0n 100cc motorcycle models like Zongshen ZS100-4A and Hundai GL-100 Unique. Hundai GL-100 Unique is fitted with Hydraulic Disc Brake along with Digital RPM Meter. both Hundai GL-100 and Zongshen ZS100-4A have Japanese carburetor from KEIHIN DEKI.
The company claim that both bikes will return a mileage of 65kmpl under test condition. Currently, the selling price of ZOngshen ZS100-4A  with cash discount is 83,000 BDT (Drum Brake Edition) and the Disc Brake Edition is 86,000 BDT. Hundai GL-100 Unique is priced at 84,000 BDT including cash discount.

hundai zs100-4a

Zongshen ZS100-4A

RTC has another bike in their product lineup which they are giving Eid Discount Offer is Zongshen ZS125-70 (Sports Version). The bike is equipped with front hydraulic brake system and has a top speed of 95kmph while returning 55kmpl of mileage (Company Claim). currently the price of Zongshen ZS125-70 (Sports Version) with instant cash discount is 1,17,500.

Zongshen ZS125-70 (Sports Version)

It is good to see motorcycle companies of Bangladesh are giving away various Eid Discount Offers to keep the customers happy and we hope that other bike companies will soon think for the bikers and will give different types of offers to keep everyone happy.

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