Dhaka To Saint Martin with Lifan KP150 : Part 2

Suvro SenFebruary 20, 2014

As said in the last article we are at Teknaf and at around 8 pm at night time we started the agonizing journey of transporting two Lifan KP150 on Keari Sindabad.. It was a complete nightmare, the walking lane was way too small for a bike to pass though and worst of all we have to transport the bikes through another ship as unfortunately Sindabad was parked a bit further.

bikes on ship

motorcycle in bangladesh

This whole time June vai slowly slowly took both the bikes through the walkway and on to the front of the bikes. It was a very cold night but the gravity of the work made us all sweat. It took almost 80 minutes for the bikes to be on board since they landed on the dock. Hard work done, we went for some sleep as next day is the big day.

DAY 4:

We just can’t wait for the ship to start and when it did @ 9:30 am we were for a thriller of a excitement. Hundreds of people on board the ship asked us about our motive and about the bikes. Some say we were crazy but we know we weren’t at all what so ever. The sea was quiet and we were greeted by many seagulls on our way to the tour.

saint martin bangladesh

We docked at Saint Martin Island by 12:30 pm and it took us another 1 more hour to have the bikes out of the ship. Unfortunately we were 9 people and only 4 can seat on the bikes, so June vai, Roni vai, Souvo vai and Omio vai sat on the bikes while the rest took a boat and heads towards our resort Coral Blue which is situated on the back side of the island near Sera Dip. The ride through the costal sand was great fun.

motorcycle travel story

Then we were off for some OFF ROADING!  Yes I understand that this motorcycle is not best suited for beach riding but how on earth can someone ever miss to have a bath with his bike by riding it through the water, we made no exception. Due to sand we lower down the air pressure of the bike we took some pictures of the bikes alone with the riders. We headed to lunch and then after the lunch we set to work again.

lifan kp 150

The scene was majestic, it’s really tough to believe that a place like Bangladesh can have such a beautiful island. Sadly we saw some pollution, many people and thrown waste materials on the beach all over Saint Martin, we tried to removed some of them but the rest were exposed to harm the island. The sunset scene was very beautiful and the twilight was the most amazing thing in the whole of Saint Marin.

saint martin

Our resort was a beautiful place to live in, yes it was situated on the back side of the island but because of it’s isolation it was pretty quiet and noise less. The wind was so heavy, it was hot but due to the wind we were shivering a lot. That night we set camp fire while June vai went on the sea beach to take some snap during night time. We had a good dinner and were off to bed very early as we planned to catch the sunrise the next day.

travel in bangladesh

 DAY 5:

Woke up 5:45 in the morning in the dawn to catch the sunrise. And we were off for a beauty of hell. The dawn Saint Martin is more beautiful than the twilight. We enjoyed the time, had our breakfast and then off we go for the dock to say bye bye to the most beautiful island in whole of Bangladesh. Once again loading the bikes on the ship was a monumental task, but thanks to the local and the people around we managed to load the bike successfully and then enjoyed our lunch at Narkel Zinzira restaurant and some sweet coconut juice.


On our way back the sea was a bit rough and we managed to spot a trawler with some bikes and over the mobile could talk with Riaz vai who is a member of BD Motorcyclist.We came happily and safely to Teknaf and then this time with lesser trouble managed to unload the bikes from the ship. We came back to the hotel at Teknaf and finally took our important rest. That night both the wife of June vai and Abid vai went for some marketing in the Barmis market while the rest two worked on their bikes and I was dead sleep.


Abid vai some 2 years back dreamt to ride bikes from Dhaka to Teknaf then ship them to Saint Martin through ship and then ride them on the island sea beach, he shared his idea with June vai and today after more than 2 years later his dream was fulfill. At this very moment I thought ok that’s it, finally now I can rest but what I didn’t realize that the final encore was still to come and I will write a new chapter in my life.

-By Wasif Anowar

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