Dhaka Motor Show 2014: Exclusive Pictures & Details

Suvro Sen
April 19, 2014

Dhaka Motor Show 2014 is a three days event where motor industries of Bangladesh get to showcase their trucks, cars and bikes. We bikebd is only interested in the motorcycle segment of this fair and this is where we were left disappointed as only 2 motorcycles company attended the fair. One of them this Maf Motors who were displaying Bennett motorcycles, the bikes they import and then there was Bangladesh Motorcycles Manufacturing IND Limited.

latest motorcycle in bangladesh


Maf motors was founded in 2013 and they set up their base in Chittagong, they are a sister concern of T.K Group of Industries and they are importing BENNETT motorcycles in Bangladesh. At the tail end of last year they opened their new showroom in Dhaka and starting next month they will go in other major cities in search of dealer.

They have brought two motorcycles in the fair

maf motors



Engine: 150 cc

Power: 19 BHP

Torque: 17.3 N.M

Weight: 139 KG

Fuel Tank: 14 Litre

Mileage:  CITY= 32-35 KM/L, HIGHWAY= 42 KM/L


PRICE: 2,40,000 BDT

bennett 135 naked

latest price of motorcycle in bangladesh


Engine: 133 cc

Power: 10.2 BHP

Torque: 9.2 NM

Weight: 120 KG

Fuel Tank: 17.5 Litre

Mileage:  CITY= =45 KM/L @# 40-60 KM/H HIGHWAY= 34 KM/L @ 80 KM/H


PRICE: 1,65,000 BDT

dhaka motorcycle fair

Maf Motors has announce that they will give discount to anyone who will booked motorcycles during the time of the fair while they will be looking for dealer all over Bangladesh starting next month.

dhaka motor show 2014

** The following specification were provided by MAF Motors, so if there is anything wrong with the information BIKEBD doesn’t bear any responsibilities **

Bangladesh Motorcycles Manufac. IND Limited

They are a Chinese capital own LTD Company which is incorporated in Bangladesh and work with the local workers. They have established in 2007 and in the motor show they bought two motorcycles as well.

lowest price motorcycle in bangladesh

BMC 100, this is currently the cheapest 100cc motorbike in Bangladesh.

Engine: 100 cc

Power: 5.1 BHP

Ignition: C.D.I, it has both self and electric start.

PRICE: 65,000 BDT

superbikes in bangladesh

They also brought a carbon copy model of CBR 150R in the fair, naming GCR Sports, which is I think the cheapest Sports bike in Bangladesh currently.

Engine: 150 cc

Power: 10.5 BHP

Torque: 9.8 NM

Weight: 125 KG

Fuel Tank: 13 Litre

Mileage:  35 KM?L


PRICE: 1,75,000 BDT

** The following specification were provided by BMCM, so if there is anything wrong with the information BIKEBD doesn’t bear any responsibilities **

motorcycle engine oil in bangladesh

Also present in the fair were some Engine oil company like Havoline who have three different engine oil for motorcycles of different grade.

  • SAE 20W-50
  • SAE 20W-40
  • SAE 10W-30

Prices of this engines oils is in the range of 400-430 BDT and all the container has a capacity of 1 Litres.

Asiatic engine oil company bring a USA brand Mineral Engine oil For motorcycle, Price 450 Tk & ensure the running period 2,000 KM.

Among the tyre manufacturer there were

  • Gazi Tyre
  • Husain Tyre
  • Nitol Tyre

husain tyre

Husain tyre bring some tyres for motorcycle . Price Range Between 1650-4000 BDT.

classic motorcycle in bangladesh

Somewhere I found out a Yamaha bike which was covered in exclusive paint job.Something I want to point out that yesterday in the list of company attending at Dhaka Motor Show 2014 I found Hero Motorcycles but the time I visited I didn’t saw any of their bikes, question is whether I was blind or was they invisible??\

-By Wasif Anowar

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