DAY 3: Activities of BikeBD At SIAM Indo Bangla Automotive Show 2017

Wasif AnowarFebruary 6, 2017

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Finally the first Indo-Bangla Automotive Show 2017 pulls down the curtain after 3 days of awesome event especially from Hall 2 which was fully covered by motorcycles. BikeBD was the online partner of the show & we are really proud for all the response we received from the bikers and from all the 6 motorcycle companies participating in the show.

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BikeBD Stall at Siam Indo Bangla Automotive Show 2017

We are honored by the hospitality from the event organizer & from the motorcycles companies throughout the 3 days the event showed lots of energy & character. Many of us asked what was BikeBD doing by having a stall in the event; well we did the following things>

  • Meeting with many bikers with whom we were only connected in the virtual life.
  • We gave Free BikeBD.com stickers and distributed that among 5000 bikers.
  • We showed our brand to the dignitaries from Japan & India so that they can feel & see what BikeBD did for their respective brand through our website.
  • We collected some data of bikers so in the near future we can get more connected with them and send them messages through mail or phone about news of more bike event.
  • Most important of all we asked the bikers to wear helmet while riding motorcycle on the road & also follow traffic rules for the safety.
Team BikeBD With Uttora Motors & Bajaj officials
Team BikeBD With TVS Bangladesh Officials
Team BikeBD With Niloy Hero Officials
Team BikeBD With ACI Motors Ltd (Yamaha) officials
Team BikeBD With Runner Automobiles officials


Team BikeBD With Honda officials
Team BikeBD with Wings BD (Honda Dhaka Dealer) Director Mr. Mostafizur Rashid

Many companies tried many different things during the show. As we explained in our previous articles that Runner & Bajaj launched new motorcycles during the show, sadly TVS & Hero didn’t revealed anything new but Hero did organize a Free Style dancing event in their pavilion.

Nitol Niloy Group Chairman & FBCCI Chairman Mr. Abdul Matlub Ahmad at Hero Pavilion

Yamaha arranged TEST RIDE event for the bikers to get a taste of their motorcycles while Honda displayed three new bikes in their pavilion which they might launch in Bangladesh soon & the most important of them all HONDA RC213V, the 2013 World Championship Winning motorcycles by Marc Marquez which I believe is on most bikers Facebook profile who came in the show.

Registration for sticker going on…
BikeBD Founder Suvro Sen talking with Mr. Subrata Ranjan Das, CBO of ACI Motors Ltd.
Leaflet for raise awarness about bikers safety
BikeBD Hi Viz Sticker for the visitors…
ACI Motors Ltd officials at BikeBD Stall
Niloy Hero official At BikeBD Stall

Throughout the three days event many companies gave t shirt, key ring & other gift hampers to the bikers but in the end BHL gave a Honda Wave Alpha to one of the lucky winner from the quiz competition, also 5 others got the chance to sit on RC213V MotoGP Bike.

BikeBD Founder Suvro Sen on The Repsol Honda Motogp
BikeBD Editor & Test Rider Wasif Anowar on RCV2013

But for us the fireworks came in the end when Mr. Yuichiro Ishii & Mr. Shoichi Satoh came to our stall and told us that on behalf of BikeBD, Suvro & Wasif will get the chance to sit on the MotoGP bike and take some pictures and we were stunned by that news & were filled with joy.

Team BikeBD with SIAM Officials
SIAM Official at BikeBD Stall

We took some pictures and wave goodbye to all of them for the show and we BikeBD will want to take this opportunity to thank the following:

  • SIAM – For giving us the chance to participate in Indo-Bangla Automotive Show 2017 & for their warm hospitality.
  • Officials from Bajaj, Hero & Yamaha for constantly visiting our stalls and we had a wonderful time talking with them.
  • Chief Business Officer Mr. Subrata Ranjan Das of ACI Motors for the test ride event, he even tried for a DJ event but sadly due to lack of time it wasn’t possible.
  • Mr. Ishii, Mr Satoh, Mr. Rakhibul , Mr. Mostafizur & whole BHL Team for the last minute surprise for BikeBD.
With the Team Niloy Hero
Team BikeBD With Bangladesh Honda Pvt Ltd officials
Team BikeBD At SIAM Indo Bangla Automotive Show 2017
Team BikeBD With Yes Yamaha Team

Throughout the three days event we were supported by the following people who helped us a lot to distribute the stickers among the bikers & with the cameras & hence part of Team BikeBD.

  • Asad Iqbal
  • Ahmed Shazon
  • Shariar Pervez
  • Kawshik Ahmed
  • Aneek Kamrul
  • Ashif Ahmed
Team BikeBD Frontiers … Kawshik Ahmed, Ahmed Shazon, Shariar Parvez
Yes, That’s how we celebrate.. 🙂
Shariar Parvez, Man Behind the Camera
The Mastermind of BikeBD Mr. Md. Asad Iqbal,Founder Suvro Sen,Editor & Test Rider Wasif Anowar with The MotoGP Bike

Last but not the least we missed our Heart & Soul Saleh vai who sadly couldn’t join us & want to thank Suvro Sen without whom we would never ever had BikeBD.  We also want to apologies to anyone if we have done something wrong during the three days event, please do forgive us we will try to make things better next time around. Me, Wasif Anowar finally signing out from Indo-Bangla Automotive Show 2017.  Till then Ride Safely Everyone!

To me biking is freeing your SOUL which can FLY with the wind. Bike riding is my PASSION & Touring is my HOBBY. The main goal is to update the bikers of Bangladesh with the latest news and reviews of motorcycles in Bangladesh.
One of the craziest things I ever did was riding 1150 km for 24 hours; it was just to replicate how it feels to go though Lemans 24 hrs.

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