Day 1: Dhaka Bike Show 2016

Dhaka Bike Show 2016 is the platform where a biker or a person who has a passion for bikes can see most of the models of different bike brands under one roof, from here he or she can compare bikes from many different companies and can come to a conclusion of which bike to buy for him. Many companies are giving away some discount offers here are the few we collected from DAY 1 from Dhaka Bike Show 2016.

bajaj pulsar at bike fair in bangladesh

Uttara Motors Ltd

Uttara Motors Ltd are the sole distributor of BAJAJ brand motorcycles in Bangladesh, currently Bajaj is one of the most leading bike companies in Bangladesh, Bajaj Pulsar is the most sold 150cc bike in Bangladesh and just months back they launched the ultra exclusive Bajaj Pulsar AS150 & fuel efficient Discover 150F.

uttara motors at bike fair in bangladesh

Bajaj is giving away 5000 BDT discount on all their models, the discount offer will be valid only during the Dhaka Bike Show 2016. They are the only one who are displaying their bikes at HALL A while the rest 8 companies are at HALL B the Dhaka Bike Show they are displaying the following models:

Pulsar AS150 2,41,500
Pulsar 150 1,99,500
Discover 150F 1,86,500
Discover 125 (disc) 1,68,000
Discover 125 (drum) 1,56,500
Platina ES 1,29,000
Platian KS 1,19,000
Discover 100 1,45,000

** All amount are given in BDT /-

lifan at bike fair in bangladesh

Rasel Industries Ltd

Rasel Industries Ltd is giving away some exclusive offer to the buyers, one of that is Free Registration Offer with their flagship product LIFAN KPR150. They are giving away 5,000-10,000 BDT discount offer on different models. With each bike the buyer will get a Helmet, A key ring and a rain coat for free.

Just this month they introduced a new brand of motorcycle from China under the badge of Motocross. Since 2008 they sold little over 7000 units of LIFAN motorcycles in Bangladesh. They are also displaying their own brand Victor R.

During Dhaka Bike Show 2016 Rasel Industries are launching 5 new bikes to the bikers in Bangladesh. They will host a launch program at 5 PM on 1st of April 2016. They will launch the following bikes:

  • LIFAN KP150 V2: The bike is actually a Lifan KP150 with water cooled engine derived from Lifan KPR150.
  • LIFAN KP150 mini: A pocket rocket bike with Lifan KP150 engine.
  • LIFAN PONY 100: Another pocket rocket bike with a 100cc engine but 120 cross section tyres and duel disc brake
  • MOTO CROSS X TRAIL: Duel Purpose bike.
  • MOTO CROSS Fighter 71: A dirt bike.

During the purchase of each bike Rasel Industries Ltd are giving away some special discount offer to their customers, but there are terms of condition which they need to follow: The DISCOUNT OFFER will be valid between 31st March – 2nd April, throughout the time of the Dhaka Bike Show.Have to take delivery of the bike within 14th April 2016, if anyone fails to do so that discount offer will be invalid after it.

motocross fighter 71 specifications

Rasel Industries Ltd is giving away FREE REGISTRATION offer only with every purchase of Lifan KPR150 during this Dhaka Bike Show 2016. Lifan KPR150 is their flagship product which was launched back in 2015 April and since then they sold over 500 units of KPR150 all across Bangladesh.

KPR150 2,05,000  (multi) FREE REGISTRATION
KP150 V2 1,65,000 10,000
KP150 1,45,000 10,000
KP150 MINI 1,48,000 10,000
PONY 100 1,14,000   5,000
GLINT 100    98,000   5,000
V110 Link Advance 1,01,000   5,000
V100 Link    95,000   5,000
V80 Xpress    81,000   5,000
Fighter 71 1,65,000 10,000
X Trail 1,80,000 10,000

** All amount are given in BDT /-

speedoz ltd

Speedoz Ltd

Speedoz Ltd is the sole distributor of Keeway motorcycle in Bangladesh. Over the last 3 years they have sold around 4500 units of Keeway brand motorcycles in Bangladesh. They are providing Free Registration Offer with 3 of their motorcycle models.

Speedoz Ltd have been with the Keeway brand for quiet sometime, in the past they worked with Megelli and Spiker brand but for the past 2-3 years they put their full attention behind Keeway. Currently they have 6 models lined up in their stock.

Commuting Bikes: RKS100 & RKS125.

Naked Sports Bikes: RKS150 & RKV150.

Dual Purpose Bike: TXM 150.

Crusier Bike: Superlight.

keeway at bike fair in bangladesh

They are giving away Free Registration offer with brand new RKS100,  RKS150 & Superlight, all of which were launched quietly this year, while TXM buyers will get air ticket to Thailand. Because RKS125 & RKV150 are nearly out of stock so they are not providing any discount offer for those two models. Only Superlight owners have to wait for 2 months to get delivery of their bikes. The discount offer are valid only during the Dhaka Bike Show.

Keeway RKS100 1,24,500 FREE REGISTRAION
Keeway RKS150 1,80,000 FREE REGISTRAION
Superlight 2,10,000 FREE REGISTRAION
TXM 150 1,80,000 Dhaka Bangkok Dhaka returns air ticket for single person.

** All amount are given in BDT /-

runner bikes at bike fair in bangladesh


Runner Automobiles Ltd are the only BANGLADEHSI manufacturer in the Dhaka Bike Show & they did disappointed us a bit as they are not offering any discount but installment facilities to the bikers without any interest for the first 12 months.

Runner is launching a brand new motorcycle in the Dhaka Bike Show, Runner Turbo 125 which they are pricing at 1,25,000 BDT, the bike gets a brand new 125cc engine biwhich will turn speed as well as good fuel efficiency. Also it is pointed out that Dayang Runner AS80S is the MOST SELLING BIKE in Bangladesh in the 50-80cc category. They are planning to launch a new 150cc bike soon in Bangladesh.

dayang runner ad80s

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It was nice to see so many bike companies under one roof for the Dhaka Bike Show, because the opening day was a working day and it was raining most of the time today the crowd was very less but I think come Friday and Saturday there will be more people coming in the show and if you do don’t forget to book your favourite bike for special discount offer.

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Day 2 : Dhaka Bike Show 2016

Day 3 : Dhaka Bike Show 2016

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