Bajaj Giving Away Free Driving License Fee On Bajaj Motorcycles!

Bajaj Motorcycle – Uttara Motors Ltd. is giving away a driving license fee on every purchase of Bajaj Motorcycles. This Driving Licence Fee giveaway is applicable to everyone who has a driving license or wants to do a driving license.
driving license fee

Bajaj Giving away Driving License Fee

Bajaj Motorcycles has announced the Driving License Fee campaign, where they are giving away BDT 3,060 with the purchase of every Bajaj Motorcycles. Anyone who is buying the bike but doesn’t have a proper driving license can benefit from this Driving License Fee cashback. Moreover, customers who have a valid driving license will also receive this cashback. This giveaway is applicable to all Bajaj Motorcycle showrooms in Bangladesh and valid until further notice from the company.
Recently traffic laws in Bangladesh are getting tougher for all the vehicles, especially for the bikers. Anyone who drives or rides without proper documents will get massive fines, and breaking the traffic rules will result in punishment. Therefore, anyone who wants to buy a bike and ride on the streets must have a proper driving license. Hence, Bajaj has launched this campaign to inspire and help their customers to complete their driving license and ride safely on the roads.
2019 has been a mentionable year for Bajaj, and they have launched several bikes in this calendar. First, the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 FI with ABS was launched, then very recently Bajaj Pulsar 150 Neon had a soft launch. Bajaj is one of the biggest motorcycle companies in Bangladesh both in terms of sales and popularity, and their offers and campaigns influence the customers a lot.

Click Here For Bajaj Pulsar NS160 FI with ABS First Impression

This Driving License Fee giveaway offer from Bajaj will definitely help and inspire everyone to do their proper driving license, follow the traffic rules on the road and be safe.

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