Concentrations on Buying A Used Bike

Guys, greetings from BikeBD family. Here we are in respond one of your frequent queries in our FB page with “Concentrations on Buying a Used Bike”.

Yes, guys, we have been noting lots of requisition and request from you through our FB page. So we have planed to respond your unsolved wide-ranged queries one after another priority & weight basis. Now just shutting of the briefing let’s enter the topics.

Buying used or second-hand bike is a common trend in our country even all over the world. Most of the times we do this due to shortage of budget or to test different bikes or in case of increase the collection from second or third.

Whatever the causes those are also little in our consideration. But here we will put our focus on the matters while buying the used bike. You know both seller & buyer want to win in this delegation.

Seller wants to win high price by selling his/her bike. But buyer wants to win in all aspect in consideration of quality and value within his budget; in a word value from purchase. So let’s help you step by step to win on buying a used bike.


Most of the time budget is the key issue for buying a used bike. Hence initially sort out the purchase offers according to your budget range. Most of the times the initial budget fails on purchasing time. Your choice dominates you to spend more. So determine your maximum budget.

And when you are with an offer consider it with a lower price from your maximum budget. Hence always set a budget range for your purchase where you will start from the lowest. You may increase it to your maximum while qualifying the bike with other measurements. But try to stick near to the lowest. After overall judgment when you are satisfied then go for the maximum range.

Assume Restoring Cost:

Most of the situation used bike needs some repair or restoring cost. Some time spare parts replacing cost goes over the budget. Therefore when valuing a bike for a price always try to determine approximate repair & restoring cost so that restoring cost & purchase cost stay within your budget range.

motorcycle brand


Yes, consider the brand. It’s really a matter. Go for renowned brand even for used bike and of-course in case of third or fourth hand used bike. You can acquire maximum benefit from a good branded bike maybe it is in worst condition. Good branded one can be restored nicely rather then the poor one. So consider it strictly.


You need to consider the model also. Different model characterized with different features. So choose in reflection of your test & need and also reliability. You know Yamaha R15 V-1 & V-2 are far different with their features even with near same engine power.

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Again you can easily differentiate Bajaj Pulsar 2007 model with the 2012 model in terms of reliability. So value the model. In case of same features go for the renowned model if even the old one like Bajaj Pulsar 150 2007 model. Try to give priority the most common models in case of used bike purchase. On such bike repair & restoring cost is low and spare parts are frequently available.

Looks / Design:

Just regard it. Good look and good design is appreciated every where. You may have to sell the purchased bike anytime. In such situation the good look will help you to sell the bike easily and to win with price. Moreover when you are purchasing the used one for your long term use it will satisfy you that you have purchased a nice one maybe that is third or fourth handed. So value it.

Physical Condition:

It’s an important valuing measure while purchasing a used bike. Most of the time you have to take decision observing the external physical condition. Therefore examine the bike with keen eyes. Measure the physical condition. Most of the time physical condition says all about the bike.

You can measure how the rider treated with him or about some accident or some sign of negligence of minimum maintenance. May be a deep scratch, a dent, worn foot page or worn break cable or damaged noisy chain cover or oil leakage from engine drain nut can point you out the real condition of the bike.

So inspect the bike sharply from every corner like from the tires to scratches on the back of the rear view mirror. Push the switches of horn; signal, indicator, head lamp etc. inspect it every possible way.


Technical Condition:

It’s a major concentration while you are determined to use the bike for long term use or for touring. Inspect the bike with igniting it with kicker and also with electric switch. Consider the sound of engine, exhaust note, smoke. Raise the acceleration, feel the vibration, sound changes; twist for the end and just drop it down.

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It will better to get an experienced friend rather then a mechanic. Maybe you are not even a little experienced; just keep your concentration concentrated. You may fell the rhythm of the engine and sound. Satisfy your self with your clear judgment.


Ask the seller for any type of modification done by him. Ask the reason, cost and from where it had done. Get a clear idea about it. It will help you examine the bike more efficiently. You can get an assumption of further restoring segment and also the cost from it.

motorcycle test ride

Test Ride:

It’s a realistic judgment for buying any used bike. After getting enough information about the selected bike and being determined about the bike progress for a test ride. Just get a test ride as long as the seller allows. Most of the location seller may not let you for a test ride.

Better politely offer him a semi-long trip (not possible in unknown & complicated area like Dhaka City) on his selected area on his selected day where the fuel & other cost are yours.

I think if there is no problem with the bike or not any safety issue he may not deny your offer. If the seller does not allow for long then convince him at least for a short test ride within his arrangement. Without a test ride you cannot progress for a costly purchase.

Whatever, on the test ride try to determine the engine condition, throttle response, acceleration, smoothness, if possible the maximum speed, engine & exhaust noise, free operation of control cable, break & handle bar, suspension etc.

Collect information:

While inspecting the bike for purchase, ask as much questions as possible to know about the bike. Ask for his maintenance schedule, last maintenance detail with place, changes spare parts detail with cost, accident history, modification detail, mileage, fuel efficiency etc. Just try to get more & more information for the purchase from an unknown seller.

motorcycle documents bangladesh


This is narrowing to the end of your purchase process. Ask the seller for the bike documents. If it is not registered ask for purchase slip, import doc of dealer and other related docs for registration. In case of registered bike ask for full registration document, insurance paper etc. Take a complete set of photocopy of all the documents. Then go to the bike dealer for ensuring the authenticity & clarity of all the documents.

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Also ask the dealer, is the entire document ok for registration or not. Confirming there visit BRTA official for confirming registering from the docs. In case of registered bike be confirmed for the authenticity & clarity of all the documents. When you are confirm 100% about the documents you are on the ending step to buy the bike. Cheerzzz……

Ask Yourself:

Maybe it seems ridiculous for some of you. But I do always myself for every situation & decision. So ask yourself about your satisfaction. Are you satisfied with what you are going to purchase? It’s a big thing for a costly purchase. Analyze the total situation and information’s and ask your judge. If yes just go for the agreement.


Complete all the agreement for the total dealings & ownership transfer process from both seller & buyer end. We have an earlier post on Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Process in Bangladesh. Please take look on that for detail.

Cautions for buying a used bike:

• Before inspecting the bike it will nice to get a close friend with you to help you judging the bike. It will be also fruitful if you are not sound enough about bike. In such situation try to avoid mechanics or technicians as in most of the situation they tend to make business with both buyer & seller. More over they will convince you to restoring some disorders of your newly purchased bike maybe it does not need that.
• Do all the dealing before two or more witness.
• Complete all the documental formalities even in case of closely known seller.
• It will nice to make transactions with account payee bank cheque rather than cash.

So riders, I think you are digested enough with my alphabets and confident enough to step forward for buying a used bike. Feel free to ask any thing related with bike & biking and of-course add your findings with us with bellow massage box and of-course on our FB page. Cheerzzzzzzz……..

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