Comparision Between Hero Honda Glamour Vs Bajaj Discover 125

Hello Dear Readers of  BikeBD. This is yet another sizzling comparison of Hero Honda Glamour Vs Bajaj Discover 125 all the scrutinizing details of two bikes that have been there out in the market.Today we will try to dissect and find out what makes these bikes so awesome and yet so famous.

The bikes that we are checking are two very common household names in the biking community,the main bikes on the road on the 125 cc market.The first bikes is the well known Hero Honda Glamour 125cc and its counterpart will be the old and trusty Discover 125cc from Bajaj autos.

hero honda glamour vs bajaj discover 125

Now a basic comparison encompasses both style and performance in the general aptitude and we are also going to follow the time tested formula of going thorough the bikes performance and style charts for you.

First,any bike is useless without its engines and engines make the bike a whole. So let us see the comparison between the two motorcycles.

Engine And Performance:

The First Bikes to be reviewed is the Hero Honda Glamour (Source). The bike has a 4-speed gear system, all in one way, meaning that no stop up and down motion, consecutive strokes follow each other. Great for city riding.

If you are finding it difficult for changing the gears in one down, four up system, you would love Glamour. The 125cc engine gives a very good job of giving a smooth ride at higher speeds. This is primarily because of the positioning of the engine.

The position is an oddity as that unlike other bikes, the piston in the engine moves back and forth instead of up and down. So it is natural that the vibration is reduced in this case.

This bike sports a 124.7 cc engine and can go 0-60 in 7 seconds flat with a max speed of 95 kmph on the road in pristine condition.Before talking about performance I shouldn’t hide the fact that many users have reported poor mileage for Hero Honda Glamour.

On an average the mileage of the bike is 45 – 50 kmpl. But after 3 months of regular servicing, you should get more than 50 kmpl for sure. Some have reported 60kmpl constant mileage.

The Discover 125cc is powered by a 125cc DTSi, 4-valve, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine with corrugated fins which pumps out 12.8 BHP of power at 9000 RPM and 10.78 Nm of torque at 7000 RPM.

The engine is smooth, throttle response is linear, and motor has a very distinctive sound of any Bajaj motorcycle, which may be due to the new air intake system adopted by the company.

It does feel stressed due to less displacement and more horse power being squeezed out from it, which results in vibrations. It reaches 85 km/h, after which progress is slow but it will reach a top speed of 105 km/h.The 5-speed gearbox is a bit clunky but it’s a huge leap over the previous generation Discovers and Pulsars.

The motor is best when it’s in third and the fifth gear, in which it pulls strongly. The Discover 125 is a very frugal bike. The motorcycle will return 55 km/l in the city and 60 km/l out on the highways, which is very good sign of fuel efficiency for a 125cc machine.

hero honda glamour vs bajaj discover 125

Hero Honda Glamour

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The Bikes in this review both have a smooth riding support,the main difference between the bikes are the handling and seating positions. Both of them sport a disk brake in the front and normal drum brakes in the rear wheel.

Also they share the nearly same tire size only difference being that the glamour has a tardy bit larger tire on the rear than the discover.

The glamour can brake on 0-60 in 3 feet distance as the front brake system apply a huge 260 psi on each plates to stop the bike. On the other hand the braking on the discover could have been better with a better master cylinder and caliper.

The Discover has 2.75 tires at the front and 3.00 tires at the rear backed by 17-inch wheels which are aided by telescopic forks at the front and gas filled piggyback monoshock at the rear.

Dynamics of the Discover are mediocre; it’s no corner carver though due to softer suspension set up at the front and at the rear (Source). This does make for a smooth ride in the Dhaka roads.

On the other hand the glamour has a 18 X 16.0 Alloy Wheel in the front and the same sized wheel on the back with Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers on the front and Swing Arm With hydraulic shock absorbers on the back,which makes the glamour a clear winner on the suspension battle.

On a general riding point of view the bikes have a same level with the glamour being a step closer to the spot than the discover. Personally i would like the discover in an open road for it’s soft tires would get a good grip and may make for stable riding but on over all performance and riding status glamour wins hands down.

hero honda glamour vs bajaj discover 125


The glamour stands out with its unique design in the hood. Aerodynamically shaped air pockets on both sides of the head lamp adds to the head turning effect of the bike.With sporty sticker on the sides and optimum overall size of the body, the bike will be appealing to majority of the Indian audience.

The grooves in the tank are perfectly blended even for a 6 foot tall man to accommodate his knees with comfort. The size of the tank is not too big nor too small. Perfect. The fuel switch is significantly different than other bikes, big and easy to handle.

The sides of the tails looks like it is adopted from former Ambition 135. The tail lamps are also perfectly designed, not too aggressive nor too plain.The dash board has three dials as shown above.

The most viewed speedometer is placed at the center prominently which I appreciate. No digital display! May be in the next version of Glamour we can expect one. Cute fuel indicator and other leds.

On the other hand the Discover is carries over the same looks of the smaller 100cc sibling and not the discontinued 135cc version, which is a little disappointing (and surprising) to see.

Tank extensions which lend the bike sporty aggression also housing the side blinkers are no more along with a different looking silencer.The front remains the same bikini fairing with a bulged black colored visor.Apart from simple styling, the bike sports a tachometer-less analogue console.

Speedometer is calibrated till an optimistic 140 kmph and is again basic in looks. Traditional speedometer and trip meter are housed in this console. The second dial, which generally houses a tachometer, accommodates a huge fuel gauge. Neutral ‘N’, battery charge indicator and side blinkers form the complete cluster.

Battery is maintenance free 12V 7Ah along with 35 watt headlamps which provide near sufficient illumination in dark nights.Fit and finish is also typical Bajaj.

hero honda glamour vs bajaj discover 125

Speedometer of Bajaj Discover 125


The Discover with genuine Bajaj practicality comes with a very wide seat and does nothing again on the comfort zone . The Seat compound can be very hard on the rider in the long run.

On the other hand the same problem is also present in the Glamour.Hard seats must be the new fashion in biking today. Generally slant seating on the point of the glamour and a high and turret shaped oil tank means less comfort for the driver if there is more than 2 riders.

Discover compensates in by having a same seat and tank configuration that has been the trademark of the discover series and making it the bike for the common man of  Bangladesh,always carrying more people than the bike can carry.

hero honda glamour vs bajaj discover 125

Speedometer of Hero Honda Glamour


Now is the main context of any nice guy reading the review.Now come on guys ,money and budget is always the main aspect while buying a bike. Now The Discover 125 goes for 1,58,000 in Bangladesh and Glamour Fi goes for 1,56,000. This are the latest price of Hero Honda Glamour & latest price of Bajaj Discover 125.

Now guys,to me the price list is nearly the same as only difference is of a 2000 taka. ultimately depends on choice of brand and performance.

you cannot expect the performance of a 150 cc bike from a 125 cc bike and they are not exactly sports bikes either. They are essentially street bike more to be exact city bikes and that means they will give better performance in a city and not in a long road.

Hope this comparison will help you to understand to get your right choice betwwen Hero Honda Glamour VS Bajaj Discover 125.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Question:

1.Who is Bajaj motorcycle CEO?

Ans- Rajiv Bajaj is CEO of Bajaj motorcycle.

2. Who is the Chairman of Bajaj Auto?

Ans- Rahul Bajaj is the Chairman of Bajaj Auto.

3. What is the most selling bike from Bajaj in our country?

Ans- Bajaj Pulsar 150 is the most selling bike from Bajaj.

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