Check Before You Ride A Motorcycle

What and how to check before you ride a motorcycle should know every rider before a ride.  A motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle that allows the rider freedom to move freely and obviously, it’s unmatched fun to ride than any other road vehicle in the world. At the same time, a motorcycle is a vehicle riding that needs much more caution than any other vehicle on the road. So you need to check before you ride a motorcycle every time especially if that’s not the personal one.


Check Before You Ride A Motorcycle

Conceptually, a motorcycle is fairly a personal belonging that quite like own mobile phone, wallet, or any other thing which is personalized by own test is to some extend not comfortably but sometimes can be shared with others. On the counter, in reality, the scenario is quite different that we quite frequently share our motorcycles with friends and family members.

Further, office pool motorcycles are quite like public vehicles that deal with different tests & personalities of riders. So in such a case, on the next ride, you don’t know what the actual condition of a motorcycle is that you haven’t ridden before or have parked at the office pool after a ride on the earlier day.  So here is our checklist and accordingly, you can check before you ride a motorcycle.

  1. Before you go for a ride on a motorcycle whether it’s your own or not but do check the motorcycle wheels at the first. Check the tires for the inflated condition with proper air pressure and minimum tire treads; also confirm the free & smooth rotation of the wheels.
  2. Check both wheel brakes for workability prior to a ride and do check the control levers pushing twice sitting on the motorcycle seat.
  3. Get seated on the bike comfortably, hold the handlebars, put a leg on the footrest, pull the handle levers; thus check and get set with the bike ergonomics. It literally helps to cope with the bike ergonomics especially in the case of others and different types of bikes.
  4. Get the ignition key of the bike on and spent a few seconds checking the electronic system, ODO, lights, signals, and horns one after another. Checking those thoroughly also confirms the battery condition of the bike.
  5. Get the bike engine started after checking the electrical system within few seconds and rev smoothly; thus you will get an idea about the spark plug status and a glimpse of the engine condition.
  6. In case of a completely unknown bike you need to be sure about the engine oil level, cooling fluid level and of course, don’t forget to check the gas level in the gas tank.
  7. If you’re getting on an unknown bike for your daylong ride or for a couple of days don’t forget to check the air-filter condition of the bike. It’s very important and surely not a matter of ignorance.
  8. For a smoother ride for the day, it’s wise to check also the drive chain condition and both sprockets. Hence, if necessary then get the setup properly aligned and lubed then ride with fun.

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