Gear X Bangladesh To Bring BMC Free Flow Air Filter In Bangladesh

GearX Bangladesh is now the Official country Distributor of “BMC” free flow air filters in Bangladesh. Air filter are used in motorcycles & cars to prevent dirt, debris & other impurities from getting inside the engine. So that pure air can go into the engine to help in the combustion.

bmc air filter race

GearX Bangladesh are the distributor of many world class helmets in Bangladesh, which includes, Bimola, KYT, Suomy, Zeus, & Icon helmets.

BMC Air filter is one of the reowned brand in the motorcycle & automotive industry. The company was founded back in 1973 by Gaetano Bergami. The company is based in Bologna, Italy. It has branches in Germany, China, India & has distributor across 94 countries in the world. BMC produces the world’s best quality air filter for racing, street use & composite parts.

BMC Air Filter (Finest Air Filter Brand in the world)

BMC Air Filter is one of the most renown brand in the motorcycle and automotive industries. Based in Bologna, Italy, BMC is now an international company with branches in Germany, China and India, along with over 94 distributors all over the world. BMC produces the world’s best quality air filters for racing, street use and composite parts.

bmc standard and race air filter

BMC Airfilter are use in Formula 1, which is the pinnacle of motorsports. BMC cotton filters are use to minimize the loss of air flow pressure passing through the air filter, it ensures the best conditions for bring out the maximum power from the engine.

For Formula 1 or MotoGP you need light but efficient air filter, BMC uses only alloy mesh with epoxy coating to ensure protection from petrol fumes & from oxidization due to humidity of the air. The material is composted of a special cotton gauze soaked with low viscosity oil to give the best air permeability.

The technical staff of BMC has developed a particular production system based on soft rubber moulding which produces the familiar BMC red filter, they are made with one single piece with no welded joints in the corners thus avoiding breaking risks. This system is called “Full Moulding” and it comes from R&D in Formula 1.

race bmc air filter

BMC has a cotton gauze which has larger links allowing a better air flow but using several layers of oil soaked cotton which allows to block any impurities largers than 7 microns. As per ISO5011 test BMC air filters has a scored of 97.5% filtration efficiency for it’s maximum air permability & higher air flow passage.

It’s not only in roads cars or bikes where BMC air filters are used, you will also find BMC air filter in Formula 1, MotoGP,  World Superbikes & many other racing series.

Initially GearX Bangladesh will offer stock size air filter for R15V3, GsxR150, CBR 150R, Suzuki Gixxer, Suzuki Gixxer SF, Honda Hornet, Honda X Blade and Bajaj Pulsar NS160. Price will be declared later on.

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