Bilmola Helmet Price In Bangladesh

BILMOLA is a Thai motorcycle helmet brand that produces various types of safety helmets for motorists and race riders (source). The company manufactures a wide variety of motorcycle helmets strictly maintaining domestic and international safety standards. Covering the Thai domestic market the brand is now expanded its market in Asia and other regions of the world.


Originating in Thailand BILMOLA founded in 2008 by the mother company A.M.R. INDUSTRY CO. LTD. Under the brand Bilmola, the company produces quality racing sports gear especially safety headgears for motor racers and common riders. Thus Bilmola is now one of the largest Helmet manufacturers in Thailand.


Bilmola produces a wide variety of safety helmets for motor riders. Following strict manufacturing measures and qualifying both domestic and international safety standards Bilmola owns Thailand’s TIS (Thailand Industrial Standards) and global DOT, ECE 22.05, etc. safety certifications.


Now Bilmola has a wider category of safety helmets ranging from entry-level to hi-tech race dedicated products. All of their helmet products are manufactured maintaining a certain level of standards and featured with the latest technology & advanced features. Thus the brand positioned in the market with dedication, potentiality, and manufacturing excellence.


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At present, Bilmola is a popular helmet brand not only in Thailand but also popularly covered a widespread market in Asia and other global markets. Accordingly, Bilmola has grabbed a larger market in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, BILMOLA tied with GEARX Bangladesh Ltd. the concern of Rasel Industries Limited. 


Therefore, Bilmola helmet products are distributed by GEARX Bangladesh Ltd. in Bangladesh. GEARX Bangladesh is the dedicated distributor of motor gears & accessories and has numerous display distribution points in the capital city Dhaka. In addition, they also deliver their products countrywide with postage support. Therefore BILMOLA helmets are available all over the country and their service is available at the customer’s door.

Bilmola Helmet Price In BD

Bilmola Defender

blackhole green

NameBilmola Defender 2018
DistributorGearX Bangladesh
Price8,700 BDT

Bilmola Rapid S

blackhole green

NameBilmola Rapid S
DistributorGearX Bangladesh
Price7,000 BDT

Bilmola Nex

blackhole green

NameBilmola Nex
DistributorGearX Bangladesh
Price7,700 BDT

Bilmola Veloce


NameBilmola Veloce
DistributorGearX Bangladesh
Price7,900 BDT

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

Suzuki branded helmets are rebadged helmets that are manufactured by various helmet manufacturers under specific design and standards for Suzuki.

BILMOLA helmets are manufactured in the BILMOLA’s own manufacturing facilities owned by A.M.R. INDUSTRY CO. LTD. in Thailand.

BILMOLA helmets are manufactured in the BILMOLA’s own manufacturing facilities in Thailand.

BILMOLA helmets are officially imported and distributed by GEARX Bangladesh Ltd. in Bangladesh.

All the BILMOLA helmets meet or exceed the regional and global helmet safety standards like TIS, DOT, ECE, etc.

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