ATK Intimidator

atk intimidator

ATK Intimidator Price In Bangladesh (Source)

ModelATK Intimidator
Engine Displacement689 cc
TypeDirt Bike
PriceNot Available In Bangladesh
StatusNot Available In Bangladesh
Last Update18.07.2019

ATK Intimidator Specification

ATK Motorcycle Showrooms In Bangladesh

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happened to ATK motorcycles?

Ans: ATK Motorcycles is an American Motorcycle brand. They source their engines and parts from Hyosung.

Is there any American made dirt bikes?

Ans:  ATK is the only American motorcycle company that makes dirt bikes.

What is the fastest dirt bike?

Ans: There are many fast dirt bikes available in the market. There is bikes from KTM, ATK, Honda, etc.

Which motorcycle brand is the most reliable?

Ans:  While all the motorcycle brands are really reliable, Japanese brands like Honda, Yamaha, etc outruns the most in the long term.

How fast does a 250cc dirt bike go?

Ans:  The highest speed of a 250cc dirt bike is around 130 kmph, and this varies from model to model.


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