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Overview:    One of the most loved and renowned sportbikes in the 150cc category is Yamaha’s R15 v2 which is in the market since 2011. That means it’s been a long time since the second iteration of the R15 series and now it needs to be refreshed as Honda and Suzuki have launched very aggressive and modern bikes in the market.


So, in 2017 Yamaha launched a new version of R15 in Indonesia which is the Yamaha YZF R15 v3 (Source). But, the problem is the bike is not actually refreshed, it is actually a whole new bike with a new engine, new design, and everything about this bike is new except for both are sport bikes. Let’s see how this new iteration actually is and if it is worthy to be in the YZF series.


Design:   Design-wise this bike is a mixture of beauty and aggression. The R15 v3 is designed following the newest R1 and R6 design trail. The new body design, the tail sections are definitely from the elders of Yamaha’s new R series design. The front fairing, tail section along the fuel tank is designed to make the bike feel muscular and aggressive look.

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