Big Discount Going on Mahindra Scooters! – July 2018

Mahindra Two Wheelers, one of the Indian motorcycle companies in Bangladesh has declared special discount offer on Mahindra scooters. Mahindra Scooters – especially Gusto series is one of the most popular scooter series in Bangladesh and most of it’s versions have a pretty good discount now.
mahindra scooters
After the Budget of 2018-19, it is expected from many companies to rise or reduce the prices of their bikes as it has been happenning over previous  years. But, Mahindra was one of the few to give away special discount offer on their most successful series, Mahindra Gusto.
big discount

Mahindra Two Wheelers Discount Offer on Mahindra Scooters:

Scooter Model Previous Price (BDT) Discount (BDT) Current Price (BDT)
Gusto RS 1,35,500 7,500 1,28,000
Gusto VX 1,42,500 7,500 1,35,000
Gusto 125 1,52,500 7,500 `1,45,000

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Mahindra Gusto Series

Mahindra Gusto is the most popular two wheeler series of Mahindra in Bangladesh. As they don’t have a long variety of product range, They are bringing good quality scooters for bike enthusiasts in Bangladesh.
The base models of Mahindra Gusto series are the Mahindra Gusto RS & Mahindra Gusto VX. Both has 110cc engine and same specs, and there is only slight difference in these two bikes. Both the bikes produces 8bhp of power and 9NM of torque which is enough for a commuter scooter. The scooters also has the full comfort of the “Mahindra Gusto” badge.
Mahindra Gusto 125 on the other hand is the more upgraded version from the base model. It features a 125cc engine, and produces a better torque figure of 10NM. this packs a little more punch than the standard RS or VX model, and has all the comfort ability and great ergonomics of an scooter.
big discount on scooters
Mahindra scooters are already popular among commuter riders in Bangladesh. And now, with this price reduction, Mahindra Gusto scooters will be a better value for money for a lot more people and will definitely have a slight advantage than the competitors.
Always wear helmet while riding, and follow traffic rules.

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