Beon Helmet Price In BD

Netherland’s popular brand Beon Helmet which is European Grade ECE Approved is now in Bangladesh. Taro Bangla is the one and only official distributor of Beon Helmets In Bangladesh.

Beon Helmets In Bangladesh

BEON B-500 White Anger


NameBEON B-500 White Anger
Price5,800 BDT

BEON B-500 Storm

beon b-500 storm

NameBEON B-500 Storm
Price6,000 BDT

Beon B-500 Star

beon b-500 star

NameBeon B-500 Star
Price5,800 BDT

Beon Blue Angel

beon blue angel

NameBeon Blue Angel
Price5,800 BDT

Beon Dark Angel Gray

beon dark angel gray

NameBeon Dark Angel Gray
Price5,800 BDT

Beon Red Mechanic

beon red mechanic

NameBeon Red Mechanic
Price5,800 BDT

Beon Helmets Bangladesh

BEON Helmets is a Chinese motorcycle helmet brand that produces different types and categories of motorcycle helmets and distributes the same in the Chinese domestic and other overseas markets. The company also produces various types of motorcycle gear and is engaged in service to supply OEM and ODM products for other helmet brands; hence it covers a wider market in the global motorcycle accessories industry.


BEON Helmets

BEON Helmets is now working as a subsidiary brand under the trading company Hubei Onus International Trading Co., Ltd. The company is engaged in sourcing and producing numerous types of outdoor sports accessories and gear since 2018. The company head office is located in Yichang City, Hubei Province, China. 


The company Hubei Onus International Trading Co., markets BEON branded motorcycle helmets in the global markets including other outdoor sports products for cycling, hiking, running, camping, climbing, and accessories for motorcycles. Hence the company partnered with multiple manufacturing companies in China to source and produce innovative products confirming the global customer requirements. 

Consequently, Beon Helmets Industry Limited connected with Hubei Onus International Trading Company and distributed BEON Helmets in the global markets in Asia and also expanded the market to other continents like South America, Europe, and Africa.


Beon Helmets Industry Limited

BEON Helmets Industry Limited is a professional manufacturer of motorcycle riding gears and accessories in China. The company facilities are located in Cang Lian Park, Huangpu Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. The company manufactures various types of motorcycle gear like helmets, jackets, gloves, and boots for a decade and expanded its market into Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia.

BEON Helmets Industry Limited engaged in manufacturing motorcycle gear for over 10 years and is manufacturing different types of motorcycle helmets for different types of motorcycle users. The company constantly engaged in the development and improvement of the product design, sourcing quality raw materials, and giving specialized support to their global customers.


In helmet production, they are fully equipped with quality testing equipment and technology that are imported from Italy. In manufacturing, BEON Helmets is constantly working on the improvement of its manufacturing quality. They are also developing product features through continuous development guiding with advanced technology and technical innovations as par overseas customer requirements. 


Hence BEON Helmets are produced confirming standard quality in every single element and censuring experts’ satisfaction. Accordingly, BEON helmets ensure a standard level of safety, better ventilation, modern design, superior comfort, and eye-catchy graphics. Therefore BEON helmets also meet the global safety standards like US DOT, European ECE 22.05, and South American NBR, Etc.


In Bangladesh, BEON Helmets are imported and distributed by TARO Bangla Limited through Hubei Onus International Trading Co., Ltd. TARO Bangla Limited also markets the TARO brand motorcycles in Bangladesh. Under BEON Helmets Bangladesh, the company is importing and distributing various types of BEON helmets in the market of Bangladesh.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is BEON Helmets?

Ans. BEON Helmets is a Chinese motorcycle helmet brand that produces different types and categories of motorcycle helmets including motorcycle riding gear like jackets, gloves, boots, etc.

2. Who manufactures BEON helmets?

Ans. BEON helmets are manufactured by Beon Helmets Industry Limited, China. 

3. Where do the BEON helmets make from?

Ans. BEON helmets are made in China in the own manufacturing facility of Beon Helmets Industry Limited.

4. Who is the official BEON helmet distributor in Bangladesh?

Ans. BEON helmets are imported and distributed in Bangladesh by TARO Bangla Limited.

5. Do BEON helmets meet the world helmet standards?

Ans. BEON helmets are manufactured and certified with DOT, ECE 22.05, and NBR safety certifications.

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