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Hi! I’m Shahadat SK. I live in Mymensingh. I am currently using the Benelli 165S bike. Today I will tell you some information about my Benelli 165S bike.

benelli 165s user review

Previously, I have used Yamaha FZS V2. After that, I used Lifan KPR 165 FI NBF2. But my interest was in naked sports bikes. I wanted something a little uncommon. Then I got the Benelli 165S.

Uncommon to say, I like the looks of this bike and it comes with 3 spark plugs, liquid cool, four valves, EFI engine, 6 gears. It is said to be the most updated bike in this price range.

Benelli Bike Price In Bangladesh

I bought this bike 8 months ago. I have been riding the bike 6000+ kilometers in these eight months. Most of this time I rode inside the city and did some travel with him. The longest journey was from Mymensingh to Cox’s Bazar. From all those experiences, today I will tell you about my bike.

benelli 165s user in bd

This bike has a 164.7 cc engine and produces 18 PS of power from the engine which is enough for this bike. This bike weight 147 kg. Controlling is very good for this weight and is very stable at high speeds. CBS braking system with 260 mm front and 240 mm rear disc brakes. This is an advantage, and confidence is found in braking at high speed.

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However, riding with Pillion reduces the comfort for both the rider and Pillion. But very comfortable for a single ride. The turning radius is quite good. Quite a comfort at the cornering. I feel some vibration after 6 thousand rpm.

The bike has Rear 130 section tyre, and also LED lights, LED indicators, digital speedometers, CBS braking system. both the tyres are tubeless. Engine power delivery is very good.

benelli motorcycle price

Some good aspects of the bike:

  • The first good aspect of the bike is its power. Controlling is very good for 147 kg weight and is very well stable at high speed.
  • The braking system of this bike is awesome.
  • The seat is very comfortable. Long rides are not a problem.
  • Suspension feedback is very good.
  • The bike is one of the fastest bikes in Bangladesh.

Benelli 165S Price In Bangladesh

Some bad aspects of the bike:

  • The Pillion seat should have been a little bigger.
  • There are no guards on the radiator. It has to be bought separately.
  • The price of the spare parts is a little higher.
  • A single horn is not enough
  • The fuel tank is 10 liters which is a little small for travel.

benelli 165s mileage


No major service was required in this 6000 km. Free services are still running, so there was no cost other than changing the engine oil. 1 liter of engine oil is used.


Inside the city, I got a mileage of 38-40 km per liter. I got mileage on the highway ride at 45+ kilometers per liter. Which seemed good to me.

Top Speed:

So far this bike has got a top speed of 145 kilometers per hour. I found it on the way to Cox’s Bazar on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. It takes only 11 seconds to reach 0-100 Km\h.

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  • I have installed two fog lights on the front wheels.
  • I have removed the back number plate holder.
  • I have modified some stickers.
  • Changed the looking glass.
  • I changed the handle and fitted the handle of Benelli TNT 150 to make it a little wider.

Long tour:

The first long tour on this bike was Mymensingh-Cox’s Bazar. Even after running 1300+ kilometers in 3 days, I did not find any problem. As it is a liquid-cooled engine, there was no problem with engine heating.

After that, I gave a short tour from Mymensingh to Gazipur. That too was done in a very beautiful way without any problem. I also gave several more tours.

benelli 165s top speed

The last tour on this bike was from Mymensingh to Sherpur Madhutila and Ghajini. I had a lot of fun cornering the winding streets of a mountainous environment. It has good confidence in cornering for 130 section rear tires.

All in all, the Benelli 165S is a very good bike at this price. I am satisfied with its performance in all aspects. If you want a good naked sports bike at a low price, then Benelli 165S may be a good option for you. Thanks.


Written By: Shahadat SK

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