Awarness About BSIV Engine And AHO System

From April 1st 2017 all Indian bikes which will be sold in India must comes with two things. First AHO & then BSIV engine. For many who don’t know in Bangladesh what are those two things today we will explain and create awareness about BSIV Engine and AHO.
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AHO (Always Headlight ON)
AHO is very popular in European countries & also in many parts of Asian countries. It is now becoming a standard thing for all Indian motorcycles & slowly slowly those are also coming in Bangladesh.  AHO is introduced as a safety features in motorcycles.
We all know motorcycle is one of the most dangerous vehicle on the road and to add safety to them AHO has now become a safety feature. AHO ensures that the headlight of the bike remains ON from the time the ignition is switched ON or engine is started.
bsiv engine and aho ns 160
This helps other vehicle to the spot the motorcycle better which is a good thing is you are riding through dust, mist, fog, rain or even at twilight. Most importantly it is very helpful if you are riding on the highway at broad daylight and buses & trucks can now spot you better.
In the AHO enabled bike like Bajaj Pulsar NS160, the opposite standing vehicle won’t lose the sight or the vision of the road during these odd conditions. BSIV Engine & AHO are now mandatory to at India.
automatic headlight on
Another good advantage of Bajaj Pulsar NS160 is that their headlight is DC (Direct Current) instead of AC (Alternating Current) .  In DC Headlight you get the full illumination of the headlight of the bike whenever you start the engine, whereas in AC you have to twist the throttle to get the full illumination.
switch gear pulser ns 160
Having a DC operated headlight helps the bikers to ride trouble free  at night in rural area where there are no street lights to help the bikers ride on broken roads at night.
 BSIV Engines
Bharat Stage Emission standards IV are what the full abbreviation of BSIV is. It is introduced back in 2017 to force the engine manufacturer to produce more eco friendly motorcycle engines which will increase the fuel efficiency of the bike and at the same time will help create less carbon dioxide for the environment.
bsiv engine and aho in bangladesh
Not only in India Uttara Motors Ltd now also bought Bajaj Pulsar NS160 in Bangladesh to make sure that the Bangladeshi bikers also get the latest updated bikes. Having a BSIV engine in your bike like Bajaj Pulsar NS160 will help to have better fuel efficiency & it will also emit less harmful gases to the environment which will help do less damage to the atmosphere.
bajaj pulsar ns price bd 2018
I think as the world is moving forward it is very important that all the bikes companies in Bangladesh bring the latest & updated technology which are found in other countries motorcycles this will not only ensure the safety of the bikers but also will help to create a better future by doing less harm to the environment. BSIV Engine & AHO are mandatory in India, hope that we will see the same trend in Bangladesh too.

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