All About Road Riderz (RRz)

Suvro Sen
November 8, 2012

Road Riderz (RRZ) First ever TOUR BASED group in Bangladesh …… It was one fine evening when some friends got into a discussion regarding bikes/motor cycles , road safety , accident , teenage life , drugs & etc . Which eventually ended up to an idea & dream to form a BIKERS CLUB/GROUP .

 Then after a while all the preparation & hard work done by the founders, came the day when  officially launched Road Riders on May 1st 2012 with a vision to change the “ERA of bike riding in BD “.


Road riderz
Road Riderz

Road Riders is a non-profit making organization. RRZ represent the ” NEW GENERATION ” ,  the ” YOUTH ” . RRZ only select professional & skilled riders as because motto is ” SAFE RIDE LONG LIFE ” . RRZ strictly follow all the rules & regulations and take proper safety precautions as required.

Road riderz
Road Riderz in Tour

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Our 1st/Major Goal is to present our country Bangladesh to the world & thus we are the first ever TOUR BASED group in Bangladesh. We travel around all over the country to different historical places, tourists spots & other important places . And create a documentary about those places .

Road riderz
Road Riderz Stunt



Our optimum vision is to travel around in all the 64 districts of Bangladesh & create a documentary/ movie about it………


Road riderz
Road Riderz Stunt

Our 2nd/Another Goal is to represent BIKE STUNTING as a sports to the new generation of BANGLADESH , which also represents our entertainment section of our organization .

Road riderz
Road Riderz Stunt


Bike stunting already became a well known sports in the other parts of the world but in BD it’s still not that much talked about . Thus we RRz are trying to make youngsters inspired & make BIKE STUNTING a national sports in BD.


Road riderz
Road Riderz Logo

As Road riderz are a non-profit making organization & most of our members are teenagers , we struggle in raising funds and thus for which it puts a negative impact on our social service activities but we still try our best to give something to the community within our capabilities .

 By Hasan Setu

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