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After Budget Hero Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh 2016 - BikeBD

After Budget Hero Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh 2016

Hero Motorcorp is a company that formed after Honda separated from the partnership of Hero Honda back in 2010 and Hero MotoCorp started their journey back in 2011. It is one of the most popular motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. Here is the list of After budget Hero Motorcycle price in Bangladesh.


Hero MotoCorp joined with Nitol Niloy Group & they started a partnership with Niloy Motors Ltd in Bangladesh. Currently they are setting up manufacturing plant in Bangladesh which will have a production capacity of 150,000 units of motorcycles per year. In Bangladesh Hero will have 55% share of the company while the other 45% will be under Niloy Motors.

Hero mostly concentrate on 100 cc commuter segment, as 70% market share in Bangladesh are occupied by 100cc market. This year they launched 3 new 100cc motorcycles in our country.

  • January: Hero Splendor Pro & Hero Passion Pro
  • August: Hero Splendor Plus (Self Version)


Last year they launched Hero Xtreme Sports in Bangladesh, a bike which we reviewed and personally for me it is my most favorite 150cc bike (Naked Air cooled segments). Time to time Hero Motocorp gave special discount to many customers in Bangladesh & I have attended two workshops with them where they bought some Hero customers and had a meeting with Indian officials so that they can take more on road data from Bangladeshi bikers which will help them to develop their products back in India.

Currently Hero have a lineup of 15 motorcycles models which is the most any motorcycle company have now, of which 10 are in the 100cc segments which cover almost 70% of the market share in Bangladesh. Hero Splendor is one of the most popular models from the company. HF Dawn is the cheapest 100cc motorcycle from India.


HERO Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

Models Price
HF Dawn 107,500
HF Deluxe 115,000
HF Deluxe Self 129,000
Splendor Plus (self) 130,000
Splendor Cast Kick 130,000
Splendor Pro Cast Self 134,000
Passion Pro Cast 144,500
Passion Pro Disc Self 148,000
I Smart 141,000
Super Splendor 148,500
Glamour Self Drum 153,000
Glamour Disc Self 157,500
Hunk 192,000 (SD): 204,000 (DD)
Xtreme 190,000 (SD): 200,000 (DD)
Xtreme Sports 200,000 (SD):217,500 (DD)


Niloy Motors Ltd confirmed us they will launch 3 new bikes in Bangladesh at the end of 2016:

  • New Hero Hunk with a more powerful engine.
  • Hero Splendor I Smart 110.
  • Hero DUET, a new scooter.

We are waiting for new bikes from Hero to be launched in Bangladesh soon and hope this after budget Hero motorcycle price in Bangladesh have helped you a bit.

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