After Budget Hero Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh 2017

Ahmed Shazon
July 10, 2017

Hero Is One Of The Leading Motorcycle Brand In Bangladesh. Here We Are With After Budget Hero Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh 2017 :

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Hero Xtreme Sports


Hero Xtreme Sports 150 Price In Bangladesh : 

Double Disc >> 1,92,490 BDT

Single Disc >> 1,74,990 BDT 

Hero Xtreme Sports 150 was supposed to be a commuter bike which will be the replacement of Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme.  But with 15.2 bhp of raw power, it became something else!

Hero Xtreme Sports is technically still a commuter which serves and performs like a commuter. But it can be a completely different beast when the rider needs it to be. It can be a power house of sheer raw performance and a ride which can tear the tarmac along with the ability of just commuting.

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Hero Hunk 150


Hero Hunk 150 Price In Bangladesh: 

Double Disk>> 1,69,400 BDT

Hero Hunk is undoubtedly one of the most popular 150cc bike since it’s launching. It has been almost 10 years, many things have changed inside the body of the mighty Hero Hunk, but two things has never changed – one is it’s popularity, other one is it’s hidden power of performing like a wild bull.

Hero Hunk is a craze among every rider for it’s aggressive styling, great acceleration and top speed, and great controlling. It is a fun house of power and wildness, mixed with a essence of pure civilization.

Hero Hunk produces 14.4 PS of power and 12.8 NM of torque – but due to the great aero-dynamic body, it can outperform/ nearly outperform every other motorcycle in it’s segment, including it’s own brother, Hero Xtreme Sports.

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Hero Achiever 150

after budget hero motorcycle price

Hero Achiever 150 Price in Bangladesh: 1,35,100 BDT

Hero Achiever is launched in Bangladesh for the first time; this is a 150cc bike in the commuting segment. The bike is fitted with a 150cc engine which also carries Hero’s i3S technology to save fuel. The engine develops 13.4 BHP & 12.8 NM of Torque. The engine is boasts to torque on demand which will deliver the right amount of output depending on the need. The bike has a 5 speed gearbox.

Hero claims that this bike will give the best mileage in the segment; the bike weighs 139 kg & can carry up to 13 liters of fuel. They added new bigger brighter headlight, spacious seat, muscular fuel tank with 3D design, alloy wheels, tubeless tires & front disc brake, & both self & kick starter.

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Hero Glamour 125


Hero Glamour 125 Price In Bangladesh : 1,31,100 BDT

Hero Glamour is clearly best non complaining 125cc commuter bike in this region which can also give the rider a taste of the freedom of performance. Hero Glamour pumps out almost 9bhp from it’s 125cc engine, and carries out a top torque of 10.4 NM. on paper it may not sound much but in reality, it is breathtaking as this 125cc commuter got the ability to tear down the city roads and even take the rider in the unknown turns of the highway.

Hero Glamour is favored by everyone who is in need of a mixed riding machine with the mixture of commuting and power, and performance.

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Hero Splendor i-Smart 110


Hero Splendor i-Smart 110 Price In Bangladesh: 1,21,100 BDT

Hero Splendor i-Smart 110 is the upgraded bigger and better version of the previous Hero Splendor i-Smart 100. Hero Splendor i-Smart 110 was launched just some months ago and has been being popular ever since.

Hero Splendor i-Smart 110 is packed with a 110cc engine which produces 7 KW of power and 9 NM of torque. Hero Splendor i-Smart is recommended for anyone with a taste of modern technology, good mileage, and a great bike.

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Hero HF Deluxe


Hero HF Deluxe Price In Bangladesh: 

Self Start: 1,07,100 BDT

Hero HF Deluxe is a upgraded version of the HF Dawn which is the best competitor of Hero Splendor i-Smart in terms of everything. Hero HF Deluxe pumps out 8.4 PS power form it’s fuels saving engine – which makes it a great commuter and an excellent option it it’s segment.

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Hero Dawn


Hero Dawn Price In Bangladesh:  94,990 BDT 

Hero Dawn is the most basic yet most convenient 100cc commuter from Hero Motocorp. Hero Dawn gives out a great mileage along with 8.3 PS of power and 8 NM of torque to ensure the best of commuting.

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Hero Splendor Plus


Hero Splendor Plus Price In Bangladesh: 1,08,100 BDT

Hero Splendor Plus – the definitive commuter from Hero. This bike has been the most popular and most sold 100cc commuter bike in the region. Nothing more needed to say about the bike – it’s history and it’s that classic look says everything.

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Hero Pleasure


Hero Pleasure 100cc Scooter Price In Bangladesh: 

Sheet Metal = 1,14,990 BDT

Cast Metal =  1,34,990 BDT

Hero Pleasure is probably one of the coolest 100cc scooter in Bangladesh. with the price which is comparatively less than it’s other rivals, Hero Pleasure is one of the most popular scooter in the region. It has became popular in mainly older generation, novice riders and women riders cause of it’s easy riding.

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