After Budget Bajaj Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh 2017

Ahmed Shazon
July 1, 2017

Bajaj Motorcycles Has Always Been  The Most Popular Motorcycle Brand Among Riders Cause Of It’s Quality Bikes And Great Availability. Here Are All After Budget Bajaj Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh 2017 – 

Bajaj V15


Bajaj V15 Price In Bangladesh : 1,67,500 BDT

Bajaj V is a powerful commuter motorcycle in 150cc segment. Its motor can produce 11.83 BHP peak power @7500 RPM and 13NM of torque @5500 RPM. We say it is powerful because of the way it delivers its power.

The Bajaj V15 is bike build for day to day executive style commuting rather than speeding on the edge. This is a bike for them who loves cruising around city with best comfort possible at decent speed. If speed is you forte, then I would suggest you to look for another bike. But if you are looking for something classy and comfortable which will revile your test for things then you must consider the Bajaj V15 as your daily driver.

Latest Price Of Bajaj V15


Bajaj Pulsar 150 dtsi

after budget bajaj motorcycle price

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Price In Bangladesh : 1,77,500 BDT

In 2017 edition the Bajaj Auto added some new decals for giving it a new look and some tweak to the engine for making it Bharat Stage IV emission standard. Now this 2017 edition produces 13.8 BHP @8000 RPM and 13.4 NM of torque @6000 RPM which is 1 BHP down in power and 1 NM more torque than the older model.

The new Bajaj Pulsar 150 2017 edition can be called the refined version and will be the successor of the old and all-time favorite Pulsar 150. Considering this bike as daily driver is highly recommended.

Latest Price Of Bajaj Pulsar 150


Bajaj Pulsar 150 AS


Bajaj Pulsar 150 AS Price In Bangladesh : 2,23,500 BDT

The AS150 offers the best price to performance ratio in 150cc segment. It has a refined 149.5cc air cooled engine which produce 16.8 BHP of peak power and 13NM of peak torque.

The bike is an Adventure Sports Tourer that means it build for take some hits. That means Bajaj Pulsar AS150 can take city riding as well as long tours without sweating. This is a highly recommended bike.

Latest Price of Bajaj Pulsar 150 AS


Bajaj Discover 150F


Bajaj Discover 150F Price In Bangladesh : 1,77,000 BDT

The most recognized commuter in Bangladesh without any doubt is the Bajaj’s Discover series. The new flagship of this series is the new Bajaj Discover 150F. This is a semi-faired version of the Discover 150S which is launched earlier in India. The 150F has a 144.5cc engine capable of producing 14.3BHP and 12.75NM of torque. The main selling proposition of the bike was the impressive mileage claim of 72KMPL.

The Bajaj Discover 150F is a perfect combination of power, performance and efficiency in the 150cc commuter segment and a real flagship of the Discover series. The main goal of this bike is fuel efficiency and commuting around city with style and power. In which this bike hits a bulls eye.

Latest Price Of Bajaj Discover 150F


Bajaj Discover 125


Bajaj Discover 125 Price In Bangladesh : 1,52,500 BDT

Bajaj Discover 125 is a bike of great looks, great power along with great mileage. It is a successful 125cc commuter bike for everyone who is in need of a stylish commuter bike with good amount of power. Bajaj Discover 125 produces 11bhp power and 10.8 NM of torque.

Bajaj Discover 125 is a successful 125cc commuter in all around the region – and it is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a commuter with power and style and great services.

Latest Price Of Bajaj Discover 125


Bajaj Discover 100


Bajaj Discover 100 Price In Bangladesh : 1,29,500 BDT

Bajaj Discover 100 is one of the most popular 100cc bike in our country. There are many people who need a commuter which is stylish and elegant – and Bajaj Discover 100 is the answer for them.

Bajaj Discover 100 produces 7.7 ps power and 7.8 NM of torque – enough for anyone who will commute in the city or in the rural area. Bajaj Discover 100 considered one of the best 100cc motorcycle for the everyday use.

Latest Price Of Bajaj Discover 100


Bajaj Platina 100


Bajaj Platina 100 Price In Bangladesh : 1,17,500 BDT

Bajaj Platice 100 is a bike that is mostly seen in the highway, carrying a pillion. It is one of the most popular 100cc bike all around the country – it is popular among the city commuters along with the people who commute in the rural area.

Bajaj Platina 100 pumps out a max power of 8.2 bhp and a max torque of 8.05 NM which allows it to pull heavy weights and pillions without any hassale. and, it’s light and nimble design and stylish is modest and good looking.

Latest Price Of Bajaj Platina 100


Bajaj CT 100


Bajaj CT 100 Price In Bangladesh : 95,500 BDT

Bajaj CT100 is one of the best entry level 100cc motorcycle in Bangladesh. It has always been popular for it’s simplicity and ability to work under pressure. It has been mostly popular in the rural area where people mostly care for the performance and mileage, not the outlook.

Bajaj CT100 produces 8.2 bhp power and 8 NM on torque. it has a really light body so it can give out a good amount of mileage. Bajaj CT100 is recommended for everyone who seeks a bike with pure mileage and simplicity rather than style.

Latest Price Of Bajaj CT 100


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