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In the motorcycle gadget market of Bangladesh some security device doing nice and selling like the hot cake. The TACTICAL SECURITY SYSTEM V2.0 is one of the most featured among them. Therefore here is our TACTICAL SECURITY SYSTEM V2.0 (TASS) & Features to know in detail about the device. These days in Bangladesh riders or …

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In the motorcycle gadget market of Bangladesh some security device doing nice and selling like the hot cake. The TACTICAL SECURITY SYSTEM V2.0 is one of the most featured among them. Therefore here is our TACTICAL SECURITY SYSTEM V2.0 (TASS) & Features to know in detail about the device.


These days in Bangladesh riders or motorcycle users are very much anxious about the safety of their motorcycles. The burglars are now a day very much clever and technically sound of burglary techniques.

So regular security system somewhat are not enough for the safety of the motorcycles. So some hi-tech and hybrid electronic security systems are now available in our market. Those are quite capable to ensure maximum security of the bikes. And here comes the TACTICAL SECURITY SYSTEM V2.0 (TASS) is a hybrid electronic security system which is developed with maximum security features.

The developer claims the updated device with the slogan Military Grade Motorcycle Security. Therefore let’s get the detailed feature of the TACTICAL SECURITY SYSTEM V2.0 which is also known as TASS in the market.



The security device TASS is the security system which installed in series mode with the wiring harness of the bike. So it provides maximum electronic security of the bike. But the security system is developed as it cannot be bypassed, tempered or cannot be break with any type of short circuits.

Moreover if somehow temperament is occurring it will automatically send alert & notification to the user. Whatsoever it has some added features which are the strong back of this device and here are the basics.

  • After installation of the device any bike cannot be theft electronically. The burglar will have to pick the bike up physically with truck or other vehicle.
  • TASS fitted bike cannot be started by unauthorized temperament or bypassing the circuit or disconnecting the power from battery.
  • The owner carries a special device; without that anyone wouldn’t even start the bike with the master key.
  • If any one tries to uninstall the device or rearrange the wiring even then the engine cannot be started without proper unlocking the device.
  • If any one snatch the ignited bike from the user it will instantly shut off just after running few meters. Afterward it will not start again without user device authentication.
  • If any one picks the bike up physically from the parking, the system will send urgent notification and vibrating alert to the user device. In such case the bike will start beeping with lights and horns.



  • The device connects with the horn. So in any misconduct it alerts with the horn.
  • The alarm system also can be silenced at meeting or prayer place. Bike alarm and user key alarm also can be silenced individually.
  • It has a notification light which blinks continuously but it can be set off.
  • It has an unbreakable immobilizer system.
  • User key ring caries an alarm and vibrating device.
  • Bike engine can be stopped from a distance when someone escaping snatching the bike.
  • It has a safety fusing which keeps the system live even any wiring somehow disconnected. Or if any one disconnects any wiring the system will alarm continuously.
  • Bike indicator lights also attached with the system so it blinks in any misconduct.
  • TASS is very easy to install. Anyone who has basic knowledge of wiring can install it.
  • This security system has 5 step sensitivity controls which allow the user to control its sensitivity.
  • Fuel tanks also under supervision of this security system. So fuel also safe from burglars.
  • Due to hidden sensor unknown people can’t start the bike even with master key or authorization device.
  • The system has a sensor named V2 sensor which is fire & water proof. It works without battery power. It cannot be tempered, modified, jammed or easy damaged. So if anyone destroys the security device but wouldn’t destroy V2 sensor easily. And V2 sensor can start the bike individually even the system is damaged.
  • Moreover only user can start the bike without any key or authorization device. So in such situation if the bike snatched it will stop instantly.


TACTICAL SECURITY SYSTEM V2.0 – Additional Options

  • The security system can be enhanced with GPS TRACKING SYSTEM device. In such case you only have to purchase the GPS device and it has no monthly charges.
  • Installing GPS you can control your bike separately. It also featured with location indicator, auto speed cut, fuel cut, movement alarm, ignition on alarm system etc.

** All the price, feature, promotion, warranty, guarantee is the liability of the product developer & seller. BikeBD is not liable for any of these.

So readers here are all of the basic detail of the TACTICAL SECURITY SYSTEM V2.0 (TASS) & Features. The device also has some other fun features which can be activated as buyer requirements.

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