Motorcycle Safety Tips: Accident Prevention

Every object has some rules and regulation which should be followed,in the same way for biker’s there are some rules and regulation as motorcycle safety tips which will help them to prevent accidents. Rules and regulations can be divided into ...

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Alloy vs Spoke Wheel- Which is the Best?

Wheels are the life force of a bike  whatever form they may take alloy vs spoke wheels,these round spheres are the means that allow the bike to be what it is. Without the invention of these small round objects our civilization ...

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Walton Bangladesh : Walton Motorcycle Bangladesh

Walton Bangladesh. A  brand name. Walton is the most known brand is Bangladesh or even worldwide. Innovations at its finest that is Walton Hi-tech Industries Ltd or WALTON a brand that competitively arising around the globe. From trading to manufacturing, ...

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10 Tips For Fuel Efficiency

The way you drive and the condition of your bike has an impact on the amount of fuel you use. Here are 10 Tips For Fuel Efficiency   to help you save fuel and money.Also this would help you save the ...

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TVS Apache RTR 150 Review By Arefin

apache rtr 150 review

I am Rifat Arefin Rajib, 27 yrs old, completed my BBA & MBA from Stamford University. From Shantinagar, Dhaka. After view the Hero Honda Hunk review by Suvro in BikeBD, I inspired to write about my ownership review of Apachee ...

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Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Tips

At present era, riding a motorcycle has become one of the coolest trend and also it has become some people’s addiction.but we all know that there is a lot of risk in riding it,and everyday at least one person is injured by ...

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The New TVS Apache RTR 150 Hyper Edge (2012): A Basic Review

The new bike in the block Apache RTR Hyper Edge,walking on the footsteps of the famous rtr line and being deemed as the next generation in the Apache biking line,the hyper edge works as the launching vehicle for the new design change ...

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10 Key Point Consideration While Buying a motorcycle in Bangladesh

Considering the passion, environment, population, traffic jam, road condition & low maintenance cost, every young men of the country dream to buy a motorcycle in Bangladesh. In recent years, traffic jam & high price of the car is the major ...

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Me With My Honda Stunner CBF

honda stunner cbf

Hi  i am Shuvo, i am here for express the feelings with my Honda Stunner CBF. At first i would like to give thanks BikeBD to give the platform to the Bangladeshi motorcycle users to express the feelings of a bikers with ...

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All About Road Riderz (RRz)

Road Riderz (RRZ) First ever TOUR BASED group in Bangladesh …… It was one fine evening when some friends got into a discussion regarding bikes/motor cycles , road safety , accident , teenage life , drugs & etc . Which ...

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Motorcycle Brake System

The Motorcycle Brake System is a general part of the bike. The main and protective system that actually makes the bike worth riding.The history of the brake is as same as the bikes development it self. An integral part of ...

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7 points to consider for Motorcycling Stunts in Bangladesh

Motorcycling stunts in Bangladesh is a popular topic at present. The riding of a bike is something that enables us to reach a state of dream like speed and understand the full potential of the bike we are riding. But ...

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