A Journey By Motorcycle: Jaflong

motorcycle travel in bangladesh

We had our lunch near the waterfall (Read the earlier Story)  and on our way back we couldn’t visit Madhabpur Lake due to lack of time something I feel sorry for. We came to a bypass road which was easy ...

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A Journey By Motorcycle: Sylhet

sylhet tour

Since I came back from the tour of Saint Martin back in January me and my best friend Jahir were planning to go on for a road trip to Sylhet. But due to lack of holidays for both of us ...

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Bajaj Pulsar 150 Ownership Review (UG 4.5) By Sakib

Two wheeler’s have always been stolen lots of guy’s heart and I’m not the exception. In fact my obsession for a motorbike ignited back when I was a little kid and used to see Motogp on TV. Since then it ...

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Short (250Kilometer ) Review of TVS Apache RTR 150 Hyper Edge (2014)

tvs apache rtr 150 ownership review

Hello Riders, I Would like to share my experience of owning a Brand new Tvs Apache RTR 150 2014 White edition when it is in its initial stage, many of you might think it wouldn’t be fair to judge a bike by ...

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Haojue Cool 150 : New Chinese Motorcycle In Bangladesh

haojue cool 150

Went to Karnaphuli showroom in Tejgaon to help a friend of mine buy Yamaha FZS and stumbled into this, a new bike imported by them from China. The name of the brand is Haojue and the name of the product ...

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Rancon Motorbikes Ltd Introducing Suzuki In Bangladesh

rancon motorbikes ltd

SUZUKI motorcycles have entered into Bangladesh. According to latest reports from various sources we can confirm that Rancon MotorBikes LTD have officially started importing Suzuki motorcycles in Bangladesh from India. Initially they will bring four models though the price are ...

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Way To Go Faster: Motorcycle Turbonator

way to go faster on motorcycle

Since the invention of motorbikes people have always tried to go faster that’s our world have race tracks. Speed never seems enough for any biker unless he is 40yrs old and lazy. Anyway for bikers of Bangladesh doing something different ...

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Lifan KP150 Review By Team BikeBD

Today we going to discuss about Lifan KP150 Review By Team BikeBD. Guyz, can you remember the times of year 2000? Can you remember how many models of motorbike were then on our roads? Definitely there were not so many models ...

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Team BikeBD Review on Honda CB Trigger

honda bikes in bangladesh

Right from the word you look at it & you get the feeling. You know that Honda CB Trigger is a BIKE which can upset many a things on the road of Bangladesh currently. You can find lots of conscious enthusiast ...

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Ownership Review On Hero Honda Hunk By PIKLU

hero honda hunk 2012

  Hello BikeBD fans. This is Piklu from Mirpur, Dhaka. Today here I’ll like to present my Ownership Review on Hero Honda Hunk. In this review I will try to share my personal views and experience on Hero Honda Hunk ...

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Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Process In Bangladesh

Hello friends, Now a days most of readers of BikeBD want to know about Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Process In Bangladesh. if you are now visiting this page most probably you are a rider or going to be a rider or ...

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Top 10 Reasons Not To Ride A Bike

Guyz, can you leave off bike riding forever? Frantically you can over through a question to me why should I leave off bike riding? You can show hundreds of reasons in favor riding a bike. But disappointingly I am herewith ...

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