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The prospect of motorcycle technical reviews in BikeBD is giving the right knowledge to the bikers. To educate bikers about there Motorcycle parts.

In emergency a motorcycle owner may be can’t get a mechanic. May be it is a simple problem in you’r motorcycle. In that situation little knowledge about motorcycle technical parts can help to get ride again with the help of your toolkit & knowledge. So in below list of articles BikeBD trying to give you the proper technical knowledge in simple terms by these motorcycle technical reviews.


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  1. ami pulsar chalai 135ls ta apnader ek post e dekhlam pulsar er battery valo but dynamor output kom and r15 er output ….. amar pulsar er electrial output baranor kono way ase jate extra light ba pressure horn lagale kono effect na kore ? ami light jalai horn dile horn kom baje amar headlight and horn donotai apadoto stock ta

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