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  1. honda stunner er latest price ta janaben please vaia.

  2. Honda stunner is not available in BD market now…

  3. Shanto X Shanto

    honda cbr 150 price taa koto BikeBD.

  4. hunk single disc break ar details double disc ar rate day ni.

  5. Saif Orien Chowdhury

    second hand byk er kono koz pawa jabe ki?

  6. kistite honda paowa jay naki please ans:

  7. TVS phonix 125 ar price ta ki rokom hobe.

  8. CBR 150R -ar price ta koto?

  9. Yamaha libro g5 er price ta koto?

  10. After budget, price of all bike ki komsea?

  11. I want to purchase a new bike. Purpose Office to house and some times family tour. I'm staying in Dhaka city. Also I'm avoid speedy bike. pls confirm which one will be better for me? (need resale value also).

  12. honda stunner ki bd te pawa jabe ????

  13. pulsar 200NS will be available in bd or not?
    whole world is using 4G and we are just hearing it comming 3G in bd.
    they are using 1200cc bmw motorcycle and our government just give us a doll in our hand 150cc. HAH ONEK MOJA LAGE KOTHA GULO VABTE. just think and die who knows maby you will get your dream bike after life.

  14. আমি কিন্তু বরিশাইল্লা

    CD 80

  15. Honda Bike er price koi…………….

  16. BikeBD :(
    one of the favorite bike of mine

  17. Computer: Made in China,
    Laptop: Made in China,
    Tablet: Made in China,
    Dress: Made in China,
    Mobile Phone: Made in China,
    Car: Made in China,
    Everythings: Made in China,

    Bike: Made in India????????????

    How its possible?

    Technology China & Japan 1st all over the world.

  18. oi mia rasta dekhsen… CDR 100 e akhn o gutta khay

  19. apnar mote Chinese valo, amr mote na….. apni chinese product like koren, but ami jodi kno product a China lekha dekhi seta borjon korar cesta kori…..!

  20. pc, laptop chinese use koren thik ase, but dress o ki chinese der ta follow koren…? how funny……..!

  21. M.r. Akash bhai amar kothai apne vul bujhesen apne amon kono electronics paben na jeta china banai ni. china ra technology te onek gune high india theke. ami use korar kotha bolsi na india ra china theke technology dhar kore chalai bujhlen. ar na bujhle aktu bahir duniya te giye dekhen china ke manush kemon kore jane. India is nothing for china for technology.

  22. apnar kotha bujchi, but (car, bike, some cooker) ei gula India theke chinese ra valo banate pare na,,,,,!

  23. সুজুকি সহ সব রকম মোটরসাইকেলের দামের একটা আপডেট চাই ২০১৪এর বাজেটের আগে…

  24. bajaj discover 100 M ki bangladesh asbe kobe and kmn price hobe

  25. M.r. Akash In china cheap labour high technology r ki bolbo.

  26. India ai Bick ar dam ato kom… Bangladeshe ato basi kan……..???????

  27. M.r. Akash i agree with Rana Pramanik China Is Best …The problem is In Bangladesh dont want to spent much money for any product for the best thats y they bring things from china with low quality grade according to Bangladesh expected price …..or else what ever china export there product in other country is A Grade but our country bring the D Grade product which looks similar to A Grade But Not The best One…..Coz Our Bangali people dont want to spent money for the best ……and china is the only one country in this world who can make any thing same looking thing from 1 Dollar price To 1 Million Price ……all matters is which country wants to imports what then also what ever Bangladesh import from china maybe the worst quality in the eyes of china but with low price but then also china worst quality is thousand time best then Indian quality ……. all bangladeshi bike importer need to make the availabelity of there china bike parts then indian bike will be a sheet piece….. you talk about yamaha r15 v2 5 lak God Tooooooo High by 5 lak you can buy two different model bike then why should you spent for one r15 ??? its not 1500cc its only 150cc so nothing different……so i dont see any logic to indian bikes

  28. সুজুকি বাংলাদেশ এ নাই …………।

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