Honda Wave Alpha Review By Team BikeBD

On the evening of 5th July 2016 marked one of the historic days for BikeBD. That was the day when Bangladesh Honda Pvt Ltd gifted us a brand new Honda Wave Alpha.

BHL requested to TEST the bike and review for the viewers of BikeBD (Source). Hence after a gap of 4 months we are herewith Honda Wave Alpha Test Ride Review after the test ride of 2500 km.

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In the event where Honda Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd. handed over Honda Wave Alpha to BikeBD were present Mr. Shoichi Satoh, Chief Production officer of BHL; Mr. Rakhibul Hassan, Assistant Manager (Sales & Marketing) of BHL; Mr. Mostafizur Rashid, Managing Director of Wings BD Ltd (Dhaka Region Dealer).

On behalf of BikeBD the key was handed over to Mr. Suvro Sen (Founder) & Wasif Anowar (Editor & Test Rider). It was a great honor for us to get the key from a giant brand like Honda.

Watch The Test Ride Review Of Honda Wave Alpha By Team BikeBD

Honda Wave Alpha was launch in Bangladesh back on March 19th of this year. At the first glance the bike looks quite usual and common in appearance.

There isn’t anything too much in the bike to describe the exterior and somewhat for sure this is the type of bike which won’t attract the young generation even if they will rather buy a 100cc motorcycle where Honda Neo Dream will be his first choice.


Honda Wave Alpha at its Look

Coming to the Honda Wave Alpha it’s a moped or Cub bike which is the modern equivalent of Honda CBU 50 which was very popular in Bangladesh & all over in the world.

Honda CUB 50 is still the highest selling motorcycle in the world. The brand Honda always had a soft neighborhood within the Bangladeshi bikers. And true is that in Bangladesh many people still refer a motorcycle as HONDA!

In terms of looks the Wave Alpha is very simple as a moped bike needs to be. The tyres are thin and wheels are with metal spoke rim. The front wheel mud guard is quite long and goes all the way to down to protect the engine from any type of mud or dirt coming from the front wheel.


Here the handle is upright and the seating is comfortable for upright riding position. Seat is wide and long enough for two elderly people to sit. The suspensions are good enough where as front suspension is hydraulic telescopic and rear one is swing arm attached double.

Brakes & control of the bike is pretty good in its standard, but because the bike has much torque in a small chassis it would have been better with disk break at front wheel of the bike.


Controlling Features of Honda Wave Alpha

The Honda Wave Alpha is a decently designed commuter featured with sleek and simplicity. From Odo panel to tail lamp everything is very simple and typical as a commuter.

Here the speedometer features all analog with reading of speed, odometer, fuel gauge, basic warning lights & gear change indicator. The controlling switch quality of the bike is good enough but there is a lack of pass light & clock on the speedometer.


The Headlamp is fair enough for commuting in night but unfortunately its AC operated. And annoyingly it blinks according to throttle.

Here both the front and rear turning indicators are body mounted. It gives the bike a very nice and distinctive look and made it capable to slip out of the traffic jam.

Another feature of this cub is it operated clutch less. It’s an auto clutch bike where no hassle to operate clutch lever for gear change or in braking issues. So anyone can ride it hassle free but habituate riders need to be habituate with its auto clutch feature.


Honda Wave Alpha Engine Features

Coming to the engine of Honda Wave Alpha its engine is a 100cc single cylinder air cooled unit. It gives out 6.84BHP of power and 7.0NM of toque but because the whole bike weighs 98 kg and the tires are narrow the acceleration of the bike is epic.

More we are so much happy to mention the sound of the exhaust is superb and somewhat like sports bike. Honda is always being about quieter engine where even the Honda CBR150R doesn’t roar @ 10,000 rpm like this Wave Alpha does. And from our riding experience we think this is one of the most reliable engines currently in the market of 100cc category.


The engine is equipped with regular four speed gear operated like usual bike. As the clutch is auto so you can change gears freely without the use of clutch lever. So for the starter this is a very good feature.

But with auto clutch there is a problem that whenever you change gear upwards or downwards you should have to be sure of closing the throttle down fully so that auto clutch can operate smoothly. Otherwise it kicks inside and makes hiccup inside.

For this auto clutch feature you needed to be habituate with it for smooth gear change or else you will experience jerking while changing gear up or down. Also during braking it is to be noted to close the throttle so that some of the speed can be overcome by the engine braking of the bike.


Test Ride Findings From BikeBD

Honda Wave Alpha is a powerful cub with 100cc engine. Test riding experience of the bike was quite different experience for us. It was a nice to ride the bike in crowded traffic jam of Dhaka city.

We also made few short distance tours with it and experienced nice engine power delivery but somewhere experienced braking is not enough for highways but which is nicely covered with its engine braking capability. Other than highway tours the braking is capable enough even for rough and aggressive city ride.

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But you have to consider as it’s a commuter and optimized only for commuting. So the limitations you should put in bracket and play with advancements. Whatsoever we already have discussed many features which we figured out from our test rides. In addition here are few more below in bullets.


Advancements of Honda Wave Alpha

  • Honda Wave Alpha is fully a fun package in its segment. It was a nice experience riding in city traffic.
  • High Torque and lower weight helped to gain speed quickly & compact design help to run through narrow space. Enough good breaking gives you confidence to stop at right time.
  • You can run it roughly up to 85kmph. After 85kmph of speed it takes time to reach its top speed of 102kmph.
  • You can beat other any 100-125cc bikes with acceleration for its power to weight ratio advantage.
  • Aggressive cornering is possible. Though the tires are narrow but have that much grip.
  • Mileage was stable within our 2000 km of test ride. It was always over 55 kmpl even aggressively riding in city crowd.
  • Braking is good enough if you commute in low speed, but at speed over 80km/h you better be awake to make hard. This we think best drum breaking system in its class.
  • Engine break is too much effective and it nicely works in high speed riding in highways.


Few Enhancements of Honda Wave Alpha

  • Under seat space for storage is moderate, it would have better if we could have space for helmet under the seat, moreover an extra carrier can be add between two leg space divider.
  • Overall graphics, paint job and finishing on body panel are very impressive.
  • It comes with dry battery so no hassle to check for water level or do maintenance.


Few Flaws on Honda Wave Alpha

  • Suspension is overall moderate. Front suspension is quite weak in performance but rear is good.
  • Due to auto clutch new rider will face problem of shifting gears. It jerks when decreasing gears from top running in high speed.
  • Headlight is powerful and its brightness is fair enough but unfortunately it is AC operated. For the headlamp there is no pass light switch.
  • Its fuel tank capacity is only 4 liters. It’s not good for busy commuter or for travelers.
  • Low ground clearance gets a hassling issue as sometimes it strike speed breakers.


Wrap Up on Honda Wave Alpha Test Ride Review

So guys that was all about our findings on Honda Wave Alpha after riding over 2000km. We are not in hurry and will continue our extensive testing on this bike which result will be published time to time.

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Here in wrapping of this review we should mention few things more. Wave Alpha is the one & only 100cc bike which imported from Vietnam Honda plant. It comes in CBU condition.

This is the reason of its high price as the taxes and other government fees are high for CBU bikes!  Here the CBU also ensures complete assembly at the manufacturing plant where not a single bolt assembled outside of the plant. So it ensured for better and precised build quality on which you can rely carefree.

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question:

1. Which is the latest bike of Honda In Bangladesh?

Ans- Honda Has many awesome bikes in our Bangladesh and also these bikes are so much popular for their built quality and performance. Recently they launch “The New Honda CB Shine SP” & “Honda CBR 150R ABS“.

2. What is the price of Honda bike In Bangladesh?

Ans- There are many bikes and scooters of Honda In our country. The price of the bikes and scooter is different from each other. We already have an article and a page about all the Honda motorcycles and scooters price. The Article is “Honda Bike Price In BD“.

3. Which is the best fuel efficiency bike from Honda?

Ans- First of all we know there are 80-160cc Honda bikes in our country. So if I say that 80cc is the best fuel efficiency bikes in Honda but on condition of looks and design the 80cc is not good enough for this modern age.

So by thinking all circumstance I would say that “Honda CB Trigger” is the best fuel efficiency bikes in Honda.


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