Tips for Beginners


Everyone wants to ride a motorcycle – and everyone wants to ride it like an expert rider. But to do that, A novice rider need to follow all the Tips For beginners and only then he or she could be safe on the road from himself.

How To Get A Driving License – Details and Cost

driving license

Driving License is a must for everyone on the road nowadays. Motorcyclists are not out of that. laws are very strict nowadays and also there is a concern of safety so every Biker should get his driving License.  Getting a ...

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Motorcycle Riding Training Event For Female Riders By ACI Motors

women motorcycle riders in bangladesh

ACI Motors Ltd held a Motorcycle Riding Training event for female riders at Purbachol Express highway (300 feet road) on 20th May 2017. Main purpose of the event was to encourage potential Female Bikers in Bangladesh to learn to ride ...

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Latest and Updated Scooter Price in Bangladesh 2017

Scooter is one of the most comfortable modes of transport around the world. Scooter or Cub are very popular in countries like Indonesia, Thailand & Vietnam. In India in 2016 the most sold two wheeler was a Honda Activa , ...

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How To Solve Yamaha Fuel Injection Motorcycle Sound Differences?

yamaha fi price in bangladesh

Fuel Injection is something new in our country. To be honest, most of the people are novice in terms of fuel injection. There has been many hypes and curiosity about this new technology, and also, many questions. But first, let’s ...

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Drag Race :: Ride To Die [ Part- 1]

Motorcycle Drag race, one of the most favorite in our country. Because, where there is no place or track for racing, racing on the open road is better for rider’s mental satisfaction. Most of our young riders often do this among ...

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Motorcycle Customization & Modification For Comfort & Control


Motorcycle Customization and modification for Comfort & Control. Many time my friends mentioned that my motorcycle is quite different than others. It’s somewhat more comfortable and little easier to control than same other bikes. The reason is nothing but maintenance ...

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My Motorcycle Riding Experience


Dear readers in this article, I will talk about some issues I faced so far within my everyday motorcycle riding life. One can call it stupidity as well but anyway, let’s jump into it right away. So here is My ...

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Motorcycle Accident History & Some Advices of A Rider

Motorcycle Accident on Road

Hi everyone, it’s me Noob… if you read my last but first article, you already knows me and won’t it be great… 🙂 Anyway, first thing first, I am here to say about my riding life challenges and every little one of them ...

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Motorcycle Registration Procedure In Bangladesh

Motorcycle registration procedure in Bangladesh is quite complicated and very much hassling. We the Team BikeBD always face various queries on motorbike registration procedure due to its complexity. The procedure changes a little time to time and complexity differs from ...

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Important Tips For Bikers By Fahim

Before I get in all business on giving tips on bikes. I would I like tell you a Bike Story.To me, my bike is like Tipu Sultan’s Horse is to him. This horse has feelings but thankfully no emotion.Your Bike ...

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Always Quickly Press & Release The Clutch 3 or 4 Times

Important: Always quickly press and release the clutch 3 or 4 times before you put your bike in to ‘First Gear’ for the first time in the morning or after a 3/4 hours brake. Why is it important? Background: Clutch ...

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Motorbike Tire & Maintenance

People learn from mistakes & we sometime experiment making mistakes. In the year 2014 Team BikeBD was quite busy with tours and test rides for some different class bikes in various locations in BD. That time we have experimented and ...

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