Regal Raptor



Regal Raptor is a company famous for making only cruiser and chopper bikes. Regal Raptor bikes came in Bangladesh  not very long ago but gained popularity among everyone due to their charming and classic looks. But due to a high price and as Bangladeshi roads are not perfect for chopper bikes, there are not so much Regal Raptor motorcycles cruising in the streets of Bangladesh.

Top Five Cruiser Motorcycle In Bangladesh


Touring and cruising by motorcycle is a popular activity worldwide. Its literary the sign of freedom and somewhat the better way of enjoying freedom. Therefore the culture of touring and hiking with motorcycle is increasing these days in Bangladesh. Simultaneously ...

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Regal Raptor 125 Review,Specification,Price in Bangladesh

Hello Riders! Today here we are with yet another visual review and this time it’s about the all new cruiser Regal Raptor Daytona. This bike now before we move forward needs a denotation with a small disclaimer and that is, ...

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