Pegasus Motorcycle is a motorcycle brand introduced by Jamuna Motorcycles. Not very long ago Jamuna Motorcycles started their own line of motorcycles and started business and advertising but they didn’t get that much response from the bike enthusiasts as expected. currently they have some low and high cc commuter bikes in their product line-up.

Top Five Cruiser Motorcycle In Bangladesh


Touring and cruising by motorcycle is a popular activity worldwide. Its literary the sign of freedom and somewhat the better way of enjoying freedom. Therefore the culture of touring and hiking with motorcycle is increasing these days in Bangladesh. Simultaneously ...

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Pegasus Fabio 125 Feature Review


Jamuna Electronics & Automobiles is marketing some motorcycles in our market under the badge Pegasus. Pegasus Fabio 125 is one of the motorcycles from their pit featured quite like cruiser. Therefore the cruiser lovers here we are with Pegasus Fabio 125 ...

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Bikes At Dhaka International Trade Fair 2016

Dhaka International Trade Fair is one of the biggest festivals in Dhaka city it is held just beside Bangabandhu Conference Hall every year in January and this year is no different. The event mostly consists of products of Bangladeshi companies ...

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Pegasus Fabio 125cc Ownership Review By Shahriyar

Since I have been using my own transport in Sydney, Australia from 2005, it was difficult for me to take the expansive and most importantly time consuming public transport here in Bangladesh. I came back to Bangladesh in 2015 May ...

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Details of Jamuna Bike In Bangladesh: Pegasus Brand

Hello there riders! Hope you all enjoy reading our reviews and it is helping you guys to make the best decision when it comes for bikes. Well here I am today with yet another review and this time it’s not ...

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