Motrac is a Chinese Bike Company Who mostly produces mini bikes similar with Honda’s minibike models. Motrac Bikes were introduced in Bangladesh by Max Group, who also introduced Italijet scooters. Motrac currently has several models cruising in the streets of Bangladesh, including electric minibikes.

Motrac Motorcycle In Global Market


In the pocket bike market Motrac Motorcycle is a fast progressive name. Originating from Industrial park in Zhejiang, China the Motrac motorcycles are now available worldwide. Accordingly here is our Motrac Motorcycle In Global Market. Motrac Motorcycle – Back Story ...

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Motrac Motorcycles In Bangladesh


These days pocket bikes are getting popular worldwide. In sequence some of the pocket bikes are also available in Bangladesh. Today we are here to detail you up a pocket bike brand and that is Motrac. So let’s get some ...

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New Motrac M3 – Feature Review,Price In Bangladesh,Specifications

At the first glance you may get the feeling what this bike can do? It’s pretty small and yes cute looking bike. But will it be able to move you from one place to another? The answer is aggressively YES. ...

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New Motrac & Italjet Bike In Bangladesh By Max Group

MAX Group, started back in 1983, own 7 manufacturing industry.  They have also companies engaged in trading at Bangladesh and UAE and are representing overseas companies in Bangladesh as exclusive agent basis. They are manufacturing various railway track fittings and ...

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