Technical Reviews



Most of the people just be happy to ride a motorcycle – But there are some people who wants to go deep down into their ride, All they want to know are technical reviews of various parts and features of a motorcycle. Technical Reviews are the only way they can meet up with the hunger of their minds.

Motorcycle Engine Cooling System – Air Cooling VS Liquid Cooling VS Oil Cooling

motorcycle engine cooling system

Engine cooling system is a vital feature of a motorcycle. Hence many of us already been well known about the motorcycle engine cooling system. But again still there are so many misconceptions remaining on that term. Hence making this term ...

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Cold Water Impact On Hot Engine


Many times I have seen people goes bike washing shop for washing their bike with extreme hot engine. Maybe some of them like to see the rolling steam coming over the hot engine and get satisfy with a savage feeling. ...

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Honda CUB 50 vs. Honda wave Alpha – Battle of Two Generations

honda cub 50

Many people are currently laughing at the Honda CUB 50, But laughing should be respected for this old but still active motorbike. It is astonishing to know that this small motorcycle manufactured in 1958 is one of the world’s largest ...

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AHO – Automatic Headlight On System Scenario In Bangladesh

automatic headlight on

Since the launch of 2017 Edition motorcycles in Bangladesh, one thing got the attention and curiosity of every motorcycle enthusiast of Bangladesh, which is AHO. Many people don’t know about it clearly and many others know wrong – so it’s ...

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What Is Yamaha Blue Core Technology ?

yamaha blue core

Motorcycle brands like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki who have been continuing motorcycle business worldwide are also engaged with the regular development of their product and services. Their R&D engaged developing technologies for their product to give optimum support to the ...

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Day 1 – Dhaka Bike Show 2017

aprilia motorcycle price in bangladesh

Dhaka Bike Show 2017 is a platform for the motorcycles companies to come close to the bikers to reveal their New Motorcycles. BikeBD is the online partner of the Dhaka Bike Show 2017. In this article we will reveal the activities ...

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How To Solve Yamaha Fuel Injection Motorcycle Sound Differences?

yamaha fi price in bangladesh

Fuel Injection is something new in our country. To be honest, most of the people are novice in terms of fuel injection. There has been many hypes and curiosity about this new technology, and also, many questions. But first, let’s ...

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Motorcycle Maintenance Shop and Mechanic – General Cautions


A motorcycle actually is a precised combination of several parts of machines. Being a multi-part machine it need frequent maintenance and services. So in its life time user must have to meet the motorcycle maintenance shop and mechanics. Therefore considering ...

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What Is Motorcycle Choke & Its Purpose?


Many of you surely have experienced the difficulties of starting a cold engine or bike early in the morning. In such case most of the bikers are very well known about the part of the bike which helps to make ...

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Carburetor Vs Fuel Injection – Which Is Best?


Perhaps not all the bikers know about the functionality of a carburetor on their motorcycle or has a very little interest in it. This little thing can bring a massive change in your riding experience. Today, let’s glimpse into the ...

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Naked vs Faired :: The Unsolved Combat In The World Of Motorbikes

Today we have come with a very significant point of motorbikes and choosing the perfect motorcycle for anyone.  Don’t think that we’re talking about some bike brands or about any specific bike; we just compared two categories of bike. One is ...

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Motorcycle Service and Maintenance Schedule


Who doesn’t love his or her motorcycle? Everyone wants to keep the motorcycle ready for optimum performance. You know motorcycle is a complex combination of several machines. There are over hundreds of moving part and joins in this loving machine. ...

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