Safety Tips


All of us loves to ride motorcycles and all of us loves our motorcycle more than many things else. But many of us don’t know that there are some rules and tips to follow for new riders and also old one’s. Motorcycle Safety Tips are the tips to ensure rider and the pillion’s safety on the road, and make the commute and cruise safer.

Motorcycle Riding Gear – Protective Apparel & Safety Issues


Motorcycle is a most joyful as well as a risky vehicle to ride. Worldwide it is most popular way of transportation which core attraction is freedom. Riding a motorcycle joyful, carefree and safe we needed to be habituated with some ...

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Cold Water Impact On Hot Engine


Many times I have seen people goes bike washing shop for washing their bike with extreme hot engine. Maybe some of them like to see the rolling steam coming over the hot engine and get satisfy with a savage feeling. ...

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Drag Race :: Ride To Die [ Part- 1]

Motorcycle Drag race, one of the most favorite in our country. Because, where there is no place or track for racing, racing on the open road is better for rider’s mental satisfaction. Most of our young riders often do this among ...

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Motorcycle Accident History & Some Advices of A Rider

Motorcycle Accident on Road

Hi everyone, it’s me Noob… if you read my last but first article, you already knows me and won’t it be great… 🙂 Anyway, first thing first, I am here to say about my riding life challenges and every little one of them ...

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Age For Riding A Bike: Is It Important??

Am I too young for riding a bike or too much aged? Doesn’t the middle aged rider make any hazard on the road? So what is the age for riding a bike? Is there any impact of age on riding? ...

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Important Tips For Bikers By Fahim

Before I get in all business on giving tips on bikes. I would I like tell you a Bike Story.To me, my bike is like Tipu Sultan’s Horse is to him. This horse has feelings but thankfully no emotion.Your Bike ...

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Always Quickly Press & Release The Clutch 3 or 4 Times

Important: Always quickly press and release the clutch 3 or 4 times before you put your bike in to ‘First Gear’ for the first time in the morning or after a 3/4 hours brake. Why is it important? Background: Clutch ...

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Motorbike Tire & Maintenance

People learn from mistakes & we sometime experiment making mistakes. In the year 2014 Team BikeBD was quite busy with tours and test rides for some different class bikes in various locations in BD. That time we have experimented and ...

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An Accident That Made Me Think For Motorcycle ABS

It was a foggy morning of January 2014. My official cellular always scheduled for being off from 12:01 am to 8:00 am. So my cell phone awakened just on 8:01 of that morning and surprisingly beeped for an incoming call. ...

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How To Stay Visible on A Motorcycle?

Every year many people die out of motorcycle accidents, and many people also gets severely injured by the hit of a large vehicle. After the accident the culprit always claims that he has not seen the motorcycle rider. So it ...

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Motorbike Breaking System & Some Tips For Safety

Riderz, can you imagine the situation if there were no Motorbike Breaking System! Wow what a crash!! Umhmm, it is not possible to be a bike without any breaking system. Breaking system is the essential part of bike like all ...

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Best Motorcycle Safety Tips Winter Riding For the Bike & Rider

Riders, its winter! Are your prepared of that? Maybe you have collected a suit for going office or planned for buying a new blanket. So you are ready to hunt the cold. But are you ready for ride in winter? ...

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