Motorcycle Groups



Motorcycle Groups have always been popular in this region. There are so many motorcycle groups in Bangladesh – some are touring groups, some are stunt groups, some are social welfare groups. Every group has a purpose, a history, a motto, a trail to follow. So here we are with all of that in each article written briefly about motorcycle groups in Bangladesh.

Day 3 – Dhaka Bike Show 2017

bikebd editor wasif anowar with bikebd fan

Dhaka Bike Show 2017 was a wonderful event which was hosted between March 23-25 at International Convention Centre Bashundhara at Kuril Dhaka. BikeBD arranged a survey online regarding the Dhaka Bike Show 2017 & we will talk in details about ...

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Narayangonj Riderz (NRZ)

Hello friends this is Jony Tuhin from Narayangonj. Here I am to represent my stunt team “ Narayangonj Riderz (NRZ)”. We NRZ the first motorbike stunt group of Narayangonj district. We started our journey from February 28th of 2014. We ...

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Noakhali Riderz

Noakhali; the core southern district of Bangladesh. We are the ‘Noakhali Riderz’ (NRZ) the first bikers group from Maijdi town. Actually it is a big, busy, aristocrat and popular city within South Bengal. It has some golden history and considering ...

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Patuakhali Ryderz

Patuakhali Ryderz. is one of the first stunting group in Barisal division . It began in the month of December 2012. It started by some outstanding boys. We ride well in the street and their groups member is 15. Out ...

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Saidpur Crazy Riderz

Saidpur Crazy RiderZ (SCR) is the first motorcycle stunt group of Bangladesh from Thana level and also in Rangpur division,Saidpur city. Actually we realized that there was no bike stunt group in Rangpur division and also in our Saidpur city. ...

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BD Ghost Riderz

BD Ghost Riderz

BD Ghost Riderz is established to enlighten the world by bike. It is known to all that BD Ghost Riderz is the largest motorcycle group in Bangladesh and as the largest motorcycle group you can’t imagine how much people love ...

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Bogra Street Riderz

bogra street riderz

Bogra, the core northern Rajshahi divisional district of Bangladesh. We are the Bogra Street Riderz, the first bikers group in Bogra city. Actually it is a very big, busy, aristocrat and popular city within north Bengal. It has golden history and ...

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Ferocious FLASH (F.F.)

ferocious flash

“We don’t break rules.  We just like to bend them” That’s the Ferocious FLASH motto. Ferocious FLASH was formed in May 2012 by some friends who like to do exciting things. Its the first motorcycle group from Khulna Division. One ...

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Blinded Wheelmanz Ov Rangpur (BWR)

blinded wheelmanz ov rangpur

Blinded Wheelmanz Ov Rangpur (BWR) is the first bikers group in Rangpur division. This group was founded on 7th June 2012 by some brothers and friends. At first we went to a tour with five bikers, we gathered a lot of experience from the ...

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Rajshahi Stunt Riderz

rajshahi stunt riderz bikes

Rajshahi Stunt Riderz is the first stunt and racing base team of North Bengal in Bangladesh. We started our group at august 2011, with some of our brothers and friends. Then we tried to do some stunts, after some days ...

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Haunt Ryderz: Best Motorcycle Stunt Team In Bangladesh

Haunt Ryderz was formed in November 2007, by few close friends. Just to give a name to the random hangouts and stunts we came up with a name of our group ‘Haunt Ryderz‘. Day by day our passion for stunt ...

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BD Riderz Club : Motorcycle Travelers In Bangladesh

BD Riderz Club popularly known as BRC evolves as a facebook based motorcycle club. BD Riderz Club is established in 16th December 2011 by the direction of Russell Rider (Founder, BRC) with the help of few friends and brothers; but interestingly ...

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