Motorcycle Care Tips


All of us loves our motorcycle no matter which brand or which model it is. And all of us want to treat our ride like a princess. But at the end of the day, not all of the riders are aware of the correct ways to care the ride for various ways. Motorcycle Care Tips Articles are the way to guide them in the right way to take care of their bikes.

Motorcycle Helmet Care Tips – Do & Don’t


When it’s the matter of safety of a motorcycle rider then motorcycle helmet comes in top of the priority list. Helmet is of-course the most essential riding gear for a motorcycle rider. So it’s mandatory to wear helmet to ensure ...

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Cold Water Impact On Hot Engine


Many times I have seen people goes bike washing shop for washing their bike with extreme hot engine. Maybe some of them like to see the rolling steam coming over the hot engine and get satisfy with a savage feeling. ...

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How To Solve Yamaha Fuel Injection Motorcycle Sound Differences?

yamaha fi price in bangladesh

Fuel Injection is something new in our country. To be honest, most of the people are novice in terms of fuel injection. There has been many hypes and curiosity about this new technology, and also, many questions. But first, let’s ...

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Motorcycle Maintenance Shop and Mechanic – General Cautions


A motorcycle actually is a precised combination of several parts of machines. Being a multi-part machine it need frequent maintenance and services. So in its life time user must have to meet the motorcycle maintenance shop and mechanics. Therefore considering ...

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Motorcycle Accident History & Some Advices of A Rider

Motorcycle Accident on Road

Hi everyone, it’s me Noob… if you read my last but first article, you already knows me and won’t it be great… 🙂 Anyway, first thing first, I am here to say about my riding life challenges and every little one of them ...

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Motorbike Tire & Maintenance

People learn from mistakes & we sometime experiment making mistakes. In the year 2014 Team BikeBD was quite busy with tours and test rides for some different class bikes in various locations in BD. That time we have experimented and ...

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Motorcycle Polish & Shining Techniques

Guys, I have described earlier in my article “Bike washing & cleaning techniques” about the general washing & cleaning techniques of bike. Now I will try to describe about the cosmetic polishing techniques. Cosmetic polish: When you wash your bike ...

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Motorcycle Washing Tips & Cleaning Techniques

Riders have you ever bathe your pet anytime? Some of us maybe did once, or tried to do that at least once. Now let’s head in to my point. Do you ever tried to bathe your bike once? I think ...

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Motorcycle Break In Period

What is Motorcycle Break In Period? It’s a time when engine is new specially first few hundreds or thousands kilometer (0-1000),where engine parts like piston rings ,valves and cylinder bore remain rough which needs to be worn properly ,so on ...

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Top 14 Reasons Which Can Mash Your New Motorcycle

Riderz, if you just have purchased a new motorcycle or preparing to buy a new one then obviously here I am with you. Commonly purchasing a new bike is a significant event in our life for every class of people. ...

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Motorcycle Spark Plugs & Some Maintenance Tips

Dear riderz do you know any one, who has not faced any problem to start his bike for sometime in some situation and has not checked the motorcycle spark plugs for that? Certainly it will be very tough to get ...

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Motorcycle Tire Break In Period- Do You know It?

Everybody knows about motorcycle break in procedure for brand new motorcycle. Like you have ride your brand new motorcycle slowly for initial 1000 km, have to change your lube oil and oil filter some sort of this rules. This break ...

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