Motorcycle Accident Story



Motorcycle accident is a normal thing in every country – but the most precious thing is to stay alive. But to stay alive from motorcycle accidents, everyone need to learn about the situations and consequences of them and the solution to how o prevent them – and those are the things one can learn from these articles and experiences.

Motorcycle Accident History & Some Advices of A Rider

Motorcycle Accident on Road

Hi everyone, it’s me Noob… if you read my last but first article, you already knows me and won’t it be great… 🙂 Anyway, first thing first, I am here to say about my riding life challenges and every little one of them ...

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An Accident That Made Me Think For Motorcycle ABS

It was a foggy morning of January 2014. My official cellular always scheduled for being off from 12:01 am to 8:00 am. So my cell phone awakened just on 8:01 of that morning and surprisingly beeped for an incoming call. ...

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One Ride In A Sunny Day & An Motorcycle Accident Story

motorcycle accident story

Dear riders greeting to you all. Here I would like to share one of my joyful ride and an motorcycle accident story with my bike. As much I can remember, it was an early summer day of 2006, may be ...

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