Dirt Bike



Dirt Bikes are created for one and one purpose only – to squeeze all the bits of fun on an off-road!  Usually dirt bikes are  built with long suspensions and long ride heights so that riders can stay as far away from the ground as possible and ride comfortably. Also, Dirt bikes are built with a good amount of torque so that it don’t get suck on mud or so that it can climb in a good angle .

Imported Bikes In Bangladesh From Thailand & Indonesia – Should We Buy?


Imported Bikes In Bangladesh From Thailand & Indonesia – Should We Buy? That is the question is circulating around the head of many people since April 2016. So should one buy IMPORTED branded motorcycles or we should stick with the Indian ...

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Finally Kawasaki Motorcycle Now in Bangladesh

Am not sure who was the last official distributors of Kawasaki Motorcycle in Bangladesh as we have seen some great 2 stroke Kawasaki on the street of Dhaka city but currently  an importer Apurbo Traders launched Kawasaki Motorcycles in Bangladesh ...

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Coming Soon: Kawasaki Motorcycle In Bangladesh


The name KAWASAKI; isn’t something heart throbbing! Don’t you feel exited with name of this Japanese Giant? Hah.. I think so 😀 Hmm…this time we are herewith the launching news of some breed from this giant brand. Here we are ...

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HONDA XL185s Review


HONDA XL185s mostly known as the beginner bike. It can be a good choice for the new bikers. It’s really good for city use that means if you live in city than the bike is for you. The bike also ...

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